His arm that isn’t tangled in my hair pulls me possessively closer to his body, so close I can feel his erection pressing up against my belly. The hard length of him digs into me and a low moan escapes my lips.

One minute I’m standing in the living room being kissed senseless and the next thing I know I’m being lifted effortlessly and carried into his bedroom. He gently sets me back down on my feet. I feel the bed against the back of my knees, but together we remain standing.

“Take off your shirt,” he says, his voice sinfully gruff and low. The commanding tone makes my body tingle all over.

Vinny takes one step back and waits. His hooded eyes are filled with desire, it makes me feel wanted. Worshiped. Adored. Slowly, I lift my shirt over my head, revealing my black, lacy bra contrasting starkly with my pale, alabaster skin. Vinny’s eyes rake me over approvingly and I stand still for a long minute letting him drink me in.

“Your turn.” My eyes find his and lock, expecting him to comply with my request as easily as I did.

Vinny smirks, a knowing grin on his face and shakes his head back and forth. “Doesn’t work that way.” He reaches forward and runs a finger across one nipple, barely concealed behind the black, lacy fabric. My already engorged nipple swells to his touch. Satisfied with the response from my body, Vinny moves to the other breast and my body again responds easily to his demands.

“Turn around.”

My eyes that were glued to watching his hand explore my body, jump to meet his. He says nothing else, but patiently waits for me to do as I’m told. Wrapping his long arms around my waist, he pulls me close to him, my back pressed firmly against his front. Burying his face in my neck, he trails a line of wet kisses from the nape of my neck up to my ear. His hands cup my br**sts and his fingers pinch my ni**les, eliciting a moan from my throat I didn’t even feel rise to the surface.

Pulling me even closer to him, his hardness grinds and throbs against my ass. “Feel that, Liv?”

Unable to speak, I swallow hard and nod my response.

“I’m going to bury myself so deep inside of you it’ll leave you feeling hollow when I’m not with you.”


Jesus. My body begins to pulsate on its own. I can feel the blood coursing through my veins, my heart beating wildly with anticipation.

Vinny pinches my ni**les again, this time harder, more forcefully. Pain shoots through my body, but it only ratchets up my need. “Is that what you want, Liv.”

“Yes.” My hips push back, pressing his thickness even further into me. I moan as I begin to rock my hips. I’ve wanted this for what seems like forever.

“Tell me. Tell me what you want, Liv.” He pushes harder against my ass.


“Say it. Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“Take me. I want you to take me.”

“Turn around.”

I turn, not wanting to lose the connection, the contact…but the look in his eyes is even more intimate than his touch. It tells me he wants me, that he feels the same way I do. Yet even though I see wild in his eyes, he still manages to maintain his control.

“Take off your jeans.”

With him fully dressed, I feel exposed as I wiggle out of my jeans and stand before him in nothing but matching lacy demi cup bra and black thong lace panties.

Unhurriedly, Vinny slowly gazes up and down my body taking in every inch with heat in his eyes. I see lust and adoration, and it fuels me as I stand there so completely bared before him. When his eyes finally meet mine, I see what he’s thinking before he says the words. “You’re so beautiful, Liv.”

I smile back at him. But it doesn’t take long for his sweet smile to turn devilish. It’s a barely discernible change, something in the way his eyes squint and a gleam shines from his pupils. Yet it’s there and I notice it.

“Lie on the bed.”

Slowly, I sit, then lay back on the bed, looking up at the man looming over me.

Vinny leans in and takes both sides of my panties, slowly pulling them down my legs until they’re off. Gently, he unhooks and slides my lacy bra off, allowing his callous fingers to leisurely graze over my pert ni**les. Leaning over me, he brings his head to mine and gently kisses my lips before speaking. His voice is low and throaty. “Reach up. Grab the headboard with both hands. If you keep them there, I won’t bind you to it.”

My eyes go wide as saucers at his threat. A devilish grin on his face, he continues, “this time.”

He waits and watches me intently, saying nothing more until I finally comply, reaching both arms above my head and taking hold of the headboard.

He lowers himself down my body, stopping at my br**sts to suck in each sensitive nipple. Each suck ending in a nip that shoots a burst of pain down my body, but turns into desire before it reaches its final destination. His hand reaches between my legs and his wide thumb strokes my clit as he inserts one long finger into me expertly. Reacting to his touch, my body coats his finger until its slick, easily allowing him to slip in and out of me.

A moan I don’t even attempt to stop escapes as he glides a second finger into me, leaving my body feeling replete. Instinctually, my hips grind up to meet the rhythm of the thrust of his fingers and my hand reaches down to entwine in his hair.

Abruptly, Vinny stills, leaving me dangling from bliss. “Headboard, Liv. Last warning.”

I hadn’t even realized that I’d released the grip I had on the cool metal frame. A minute ago my knuckles were white as I held on for dear life, then suddenly they were grabbing for him with a mind of their own. Returning my hands to the headboard, I take a deep breath and do as I’m told, grasping the headboard with white knuckle strength. It seems to satisfy Vinny because his fingers are back moving inside of me again. He sucks in my nipple and my hips begin to circle of their own accord.

Another moan escapes me and I hear Vinny growl before his fingers begin to pump furiously into me. The slow circle of my hips grows larger as I push up to meet his slick pumps. Just as I begin to feel my body contract on its own, his fingers are gone, only to be quickly replaced by the heat of his mouth on me.

He circles my clit with his tongue, at first gently, teasingly swirling round and round. But the pressure quickly increases to a full suck as he reinserts his two fingers into me and draws harshly down on my clit. Every nerve in my body ignites and I cry out as I climax, my body shaking and pulsating uncontrollably with the sudden intensity of my orgasm.

I’m still reeling from the power of my body giving itself over to Vinny, vaguely aware that he’s taking his clothes off, and I hear the crackle of a wrapper before I feel the weight of his body covering mine.

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