“Snuggle up with me instead tonight.”

I laugh because he’s teasing, but something in his tone tells me it’s also a real invitation. “But I was so looking forward to reading my smut tonight.”

“Smut? Bring it, you can read it to me. We can act out the scenes.”

Suddenly, my throat goes dry. Visions of Vinny acting out the short scene I was just reading makes my head spin and my hormones get the best of me.


It takes me a minute to snap out of my daze and respond. “Yeah, I’m here.”

“Buy the book that’s in your hand right now.”

“How do you know there’s a book in my hand right now?”

Vinny chuckles. “What’s it called?”

“Ummm.” Shit, couldn’t I pick up something with a less telling title. His Thick Heat. “I don’t have a book in my hand,” I lie.

“Buy the book, Liv.”


“You’re insane, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told. Buy the book, Liv. I’ll pick you up at seven.”


“No buts. Seven, Liv…with the book.”

And then he’s gone.

Chapter 17

Vinny – 7 years earlier

The last few weeks we’ve spent more time fooling around than working on English. Only in this subject, I’m the tutor and Liv’s the student. The hottest little student I’ve ever seen. And a damn fast learner too. It’s been hell taking it slow. All I want to do is be inside her, and she wants it too, I can see it in the way her eyes glaze over when I slide my fingers into her. She’s so tight and hot, and her body responds perfectly to my every touch. And she makes this little sound that drives me crazy. I doubt she even realizes she’s doing it. A sound that’s a cross between a moan and a purr, and I’m afraid I might explode if I ever hear it with my dick inside her.

It’s almost nine and the park is empty, just the two of us rolling around on the blanket under our tree. Ever since that night when I made her kiss me, things just keep going further, moving faster each night. More just isn’t enough. Tonight it’s hot and heavy, both of us grinding against each other desperately through our clothes. Dry humping Liv feels better than the real thing has with any of the slutty girls I’ve been with. I reach down between us, finding her magic spot through her shorts and rub small circles, the way I know makes her feel good. She’s not a talker, but her body tells me everything I need to know.

As she’s about to come, I cover her mouth with mine. She tries to pull her tongue away as it takes her over, but I force her to keep kissing me. The sound of her moan being stifled by me makes me f**king insane. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. If she were anyone else, I’d have taken her four different ways and been done with her by now. Only she’s not just anyone. She’s sweet little Liv, and every once in a while I let myself pretend I’m the good guy she thinks I am.

As she comes down from her orgasm, she reaches for me and somehow her hand is down my pants and squeezing me at the base before I can stop her. The feel of her soft little hand wrapping around my thick throbbing c**k makes my control slip. Then I feel the heat of her mouth at my ear and I f**king lose it when I hear her say, “Please Vinny, I want you.”

Screw it. I’m done being good. Less than two minutes later, both our clothes are off and I’m just about to get what I’ve been waiting so patiently for. My c**k lined up perfectly at her opening, she looks up at me and our eyes meet. Her big hazel eyes are wide and filled with emotion, but that’s not what I see that scares the living shit out of me. I see trust. She’s giving me all of hers and I don’t f**king deserve it. Not for a minute. God knows what it will do to her when I screw things up. And it won’t take long either. Nothing good ever lasts.

So I close my eyes, I f**king want her so badly that my body aches, but I can’t look into those big eyes when I rob her of what she’s about to give me freely. Only closing them doesn’t help…I still see her, even though my eyes are pressed shut. A picture so vivid stares at me that it takes a second to be sure I’m not actually looking at her anymore. So I try to stop thinking, squeezing my eyes shut so hard that I’m sure my face looks like I’m in pain. But it doesn’t work to erase the god damn picture of her sweet, innocent, trusting face in my head. Not at f**king all. A few more seconds pass, my body beginning to shake as I keep myself steady, so ready to enter her, but unable to move.

“Fuuuuuckk!” I jump up as I growl, my roar so loud it echoes in the quiet, hands frantically wrenching at my hair, mind racing, trying to figure out what the f**k I am doing. Shit. Shit. Shit. I can’t f**king do it to her.

“What’s wrong?” Liv’s voice is hesitant. I must be a scary sight, yet she reaches for me without fear.

Jerking my arm away from her reach, I can tell that I’ve scared her, but I can’t let her touch me. Need to get the f**k away from her before I change my mind. “Get dressed.” My voice is cold and distant.

“What?” She’s confused.

“Get dressed, Liv. I’m taking you home.”

Neither of us says a word the whole drive back to her house. I pretend I don’t see her tears as she tries to hide wiping them away.


For the next two weeks, I avoid looking in Liv’s direction when I catch sight of her in the cafeteria. Today as I walk in, I see Missy to the left and Liv to the right, so I decide to find a new table to sit at. I take a seat next to Evan Marco and some of his football team buddies. He’s full of himself, but not a bad guy. A bit too Biffy for my taste. Daddy’s got deep pockets, makes him think he’s got value. Nothing life won’t eventually smack him in the face with and teach him a lesson. They’re in a heated debate about the point system to some game it sounds like they’ve been playing together for a while.

“The only way Evan or Kyle have a shot at winning this thing is to bag a virgin at prom. Ryan’s got five points on both of you from his two on one with the two blondes from the bonfire the other night.” Caleb Andrews has a little notebook with pages upon pages of markings and notes he’s studying as he speaks to his friends.

“Speaking of which, did anyone verify the Ryan twofer?” Evan throws out to his friends.

“Yeah, man. I f**king saw it with my own eyes. He had one giving him head and was making out with the other with his hand up her skirt. Wanted to burn my eyes out when I got a good look at his little pin dick,” Caleb laughs as he speaks.

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