She heard the front door open but she didn’t run downstairs. She stood at the top of the stairs where no one could see her and listened to Clara and Adal.

“I consulted the best mechanic I could find, but it looks like it can’t be fixed.”

“We will take good care of her.” Clara wanted to ask about the rental situation but she knew her place. The men were not to be questioned and most certainly not the prophet.

Olivia wanted to scream. She ran into her bedroom and plopped down on the bed. There couldn’t be anything wrong with her car. It was her father’s car and he had loved it. The tears came and she began sobbing in big, choking sobs.

Adal and Clara could hear her from where they were talking and Clara offered to go to her, but Adal intervened. “I will speak to her.” Clara thought it was an odd gesture, but Adal was very kind. She reminded herself of his kindness daily. It helped her understand the ways of the group.

Adal stood in the doorway of Olivia’s bedroom and listened to the sound of her tears. Curled into a fetal position, she looked younger than her years, and he felt sorry for her.

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