The door opened and a woman with long, dark hair pulled up into a ponytail walked inside. “Dana, this is Olivia. She is our guest for the night.”

Olivia snapped at Clara. “I’m not a guest. This house is mine.” She wanted to scream it, but no one seemed to listen. Dana smiled demurely and set out to start dinner. Clara explained that they ate simply, with much of the food being grown in the gardens they tended. “Adal will be pleased that you will be breaking bread with us.”

Olivia threw up her hands in frustrated defeat and stomped up the stairs. She opened the door to her parents’ bedroom, expecting it to be a mess, but the bed had been neatly made and the spread pulled up tightly and tucked beneath the pillows. Everything appeared to be as it was when her parents had left. Well, at least these weirdoes are tidy, she thought. She opened the doors of the other bedrooms and everything appeared to have been untouched. There was very little in the way of personal touches from the new dwellers and nothing appeared to have been stolen. There wasn’t room in the old house for all of the women, but she guessed that some of them slept on the floor. Whatever, she thought. Olivia didn’t care where or when they slept. All she wanted was to sell the place quickly and buy a one-way ticket back to New York City.

She opened the door to her childhood bedroom and for a moment she pictured her mother tucking her into bed. She choked back the tears when she thought about her parents and she wished they were still alive. Rummaging through the dresser drawers, she pulled out a pair of old jeans and a sweatshirt and laid them on the bed. She pulled off her sweater and slacks, Chanel originals given to her by a billionaire playboy, and placed them on the dresser. She fluffed her hair and pulled it back in a low, loose ponytail. “Blessed with thick hair, my ass. My neck is sweating.” She ran her fingers across her nipples and closed her eyes. She would give anything to have the billionaire with her tonight. He was loaded and he knew his way around a woman.

Olivia slipped her arms into the sweatshirt and was lifting it up to pull over her head when she noticed Adal standing in the doorway. At the moment she was more embarrassed than angry. The man had a perfect view of her naked breasts, and her bikini panties covered only the essentials. She pulled the sweatshirt down quickly and sat down on the bed, covering her lower half with her jeans. “Are you spying on me?”

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