She bites her lip and nods her head a little. “Okay.”

I sit back in my chair, my dick still out and cum still on my hand. “I think you need to clean this up for me first,” I say, looking down. “You made this mess. Think you should take care of it.”

She slides off the kitchen table and hesitates for only a second before kneeling down in front of me. Her eyes grow big as she watches me stroke my still-hard cock with sticky cum all over it.

“Hold the shirt up while you do it. I wanna see how big those titties really are.”

Gracie reaches down and pulls up the shirt, showing me everything. Her tits are full, and her nipples are hard and pink, just begging for me to suck on them. Shyly, she licks her lips, then leans forward and licks my hand. I watch her boobs bounce as she tries to lick the cum off my fingers. I keep stroking my cock up and down. I should just make her suck my dick, but I like seeing her tongue chase the cum.

I hear an intake of breath from my left, and I look over in time to see Ty standing in the living room watching us with his hands down his pants.

Smiling, I turn back to watch Gracie finish cleaning me up. He can have his turn later. She’s mine right now.

3 Ty

I stare at the girl who has fueled every fantasy I’ve had since the time my cock could get hard. I watch intently as she licks Rick’s cock clean. God, how many times had I thought about her wrapping her mouth around me as I dug my hands into her thick hair, guiding her untrained movements, making her take me all the way to the back of her throat and sucking my cum down?

When she moved in with us, I knew I was in fucking trouble. I’d only been staying with Rick for about two years before she came here. I’d moved in after my parents died in a car accident. I was a teenage boy trying to keep my hormones in check. Now in my early twenties, it hasn’t lessened with time. Not with her body coming of age, her tits straining in every goddamn shirt she wears. I’d spent way too much time with my dick in my hand with thoughts of her little pussy milking it. I’m going to have the real thing now.

She’d nearly kill me when she’d try to crawl into my lap or when she’d want to wrestle on the living room floor. It’s a fucking miracle I haven’t taken that pussy by now.


When I saw her cum on the table, it took everything in me not to walk towards them and suck one of her tits into my mouth, but I decided to wait. Let Rick have his fun, then I would have mine. I had no problem sharing her. She’s ours. We’ve made our own little family here. We both looked at Rick as our father, even calling him Dad, and we call each other brother and sister, but that has been changing over the past few months. Even with the changes, I don’t think I’ll ever call him anything else other than Dad. I know her young little body will be able to handle both of us when we each take a turn.

As if she feels my eyes on her, she turns her head, her big blue eyes going wide, caught in the act of sucking off her own stepfather while her stepbrother watches. I rub my cock as I think about how it’s going to be when I finally get my hands on her. When I make her lick my cock clean after I’ve filled her full of me.

I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for this moment, and good old Dad just kicked in the fucking door for me. Now I’m going to walk right through.

She jumps up, her blonde hair swaying around her as her shirt drops, hiding the perfect, little, hard nipples from me.

“I put your dinner in the microwave,” she rushes to say as her whole face turns pink. Dad just leans back in his chair watching her. He seems to like to see her blush, too. It’s so goddamn innocent even after all she’d just done.

Yeah, like I’m going to be eating the dinner she put in the microwave. All thoughts of food left my head the moment I walked into the trailer and saw her laid out on the dinner table. Now that was something I could get used to, something I want to come home to every night after a ten-hour shift in the factory.

Dad bends down and picks her panties off the ground, making her turn even redder.

“I-I’m,” she stutters, “going to my room,” she finally finishes, going to dart past me to the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. Dad just watches her go, then nods towards where she just tried to escape, telling me to chase her. I don’t need to be told twice. Watching her get off made me so goddamn hard, and now she’s going to let me use her body to get mine, too. She gave me this hard-on, so she’s going to help me work it off.

I follow her, catching her right before she tries to escape into her room. I pin her to the wall, her back pressed into my chest. She makes no effort to try to escape me. She just goes completely still. I brush her hair from her left shoulder. Leaning in, I lick her neck—needing her taste on my mouth—all the way up to her ear before I pull her earlobe between my teeth. Her skin is the softest thing I’ve ever felt in my life. I can only imagine how soft her pussy is going to be when I get inside it.

“It’s my turn,” I tell her, nibbling at her ear before going back to licking and sucking her neck, wanting to leave a little mark on her.

“Yes. It’s your turn,” she mumbles, her head dropping back, giving me better access as she accepts her fate.

I reach between us, freeing my cock once again.

“Lift the shirt for me. Just like you did for Dad.” I flick the word “Dad” off my tongue because it sounds so much dirtier. I want to get her all worked up. I feel her shirt slide up as my bare cock comes into contact with her naked ass. I settle into the crack of her ass, setting the head of my cock against her backdoor. She gasps as I push in just a little, just short of penetrating her.

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