“This sucks,” Henry said, as she walked out of the back of the restaurant that night. Katie had left with David thirty minutes ago while she helped Marcel plan the following week’s menus. It had been four weeks since she found out she was pregnant.

There were no obvious signs to her body that she’d be expecting in the future. Her nipples were a little tender, and she still suffered with morning sickness. Henry was there to hold her hair out of the way and rub her back.

“What does?” she asked, taking a seat beside him. She toed off his shoes and rubbed her heels. The only downfall to working as a waitress was being on her feet for hours at a time.

“Marcel. He gave me another warning, refusing to listen to reason. You’re going to have to talk with him.”

She raised a brow, looking at him. “You’re crazy, right? Marcel is my savior right now. He’s the only one who can stand up to you.”

Henry pulled away from the restaurant and glanced at her. “You’re seriously not bothered by the male attention?”

Resting her head on the back of the seat, she chuckled. “I’ve only ever been interested in one man, and he’s proving to be a little difficult.” She put her foot back on the floor, rubbing it.

“I’ll massage your feet tonight.”

“Aw, really?” she asked.

“Yeah. I’ll pamper you.”

“It’s late. Don’t you have work tomorrow?” She smiled as she watched him. If she reached out to touch him, he’d turn toward her allowing her. The whole experience was surreal to her.


“The good thing about being the boss, April, is I can take whatever day off I want. We’ll take some time together, and you’re going to be treated if you like it or not.”

“I’m not going to argue with you.” She rested her hand on her stomach. April found herself doing that more and more just lately.

“Is everything okay?” he asked. His hand landed on her stomach covering hers.

“Yeah, everything is perfect.”

“Why are you touching your stomach? Are you in pain?”

She shook her head. “You need to stop reading all those pregnancy books about what could go wrong.”

“And you need to start reading them. There are always complications with giving birth.”

“I’m not going to read something that will freak me out.” She removed her hand from under his. He stayed holding her stomach. Slowly, his palm moved down her stomach to her thigh.

Her heart raced at the smallest touch of his hands.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

They’d been sleeping together, but they’d not had sex since finding out about her pregnancy. Henry refused to touch her until he knew everything would be fine.

No matter what she told him about sex being fine, he didn’t believe her. He wanted to wait for the doctor to confirm if they could have sex or not.

He glided his hand underneath her uniform.

The doctor he wanted to use wasn’t free until next week, but she’d been put on folic acid. “I spoke to the doctor on the phone,” he said. “He asked if you were spotting and explained to me the dangers to look out for.”

Henry moved her panties out of the way touching her slit.

She cried out, closing her eyes as he stroked from her clit down. “Open your legs. I want to get as much cream as I can.”

“You shouldn’t be doing this. You’re driving.”

“And I’m taking a lot of care.”

April gasped as he plunged two fingers inside her. Opening her eyes, she watched him suck the cream from his fingers. The sight had her pussy tightening.


He couldn’t drive fast enough for her to get home. Within twenty minutes they were entering his apartment. She wrapped her arms around his neck, wanting him to touch her like he did back in the car.

“No, I don’t think so, April. You’re going into the bath, and then I’m going to give you that foot massage I promised you.” He pressed a kiss to her head. “Go on.”

“What? You’re seriously turning down sex?”

“Not turning it down. I’m postponing it.” He kissed her lips before moving her toward the bathroom. “Now, do as I ask. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

She went into the bathroom, taking the time to run herself a bath. April relaxed into the water, staring up at the ceiling as she thought about Henry. He’d been attentive, the perfect gentleman with her. She really did love him, and in her mind an image of Julia flashed in her mind. The guilt returned, and she sat up touching her chest.

Julia tried to kill you. You don’t owe her anything.

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