Gripping his arms, she started to move her pelvis. “Do something.”

The torture was too great. She needed him to move or to do something to take away the burning within her.

“Your wish is my command.” Henry pulled all of the way out of her until only the tip remained. She stared up into his eyes and lost herself.

Her feelings for Henry hadn’t been those of an infatuated girl. She’d been in love with Henry since the moment she met him. He wasn’t hers though, and never had been.

Cutting those thoughts off, April knew she’d deal with those feelings tomorrow. Instead, she was going to bask in having Henry all to herself.

“You feel so fucking good.”

He slowed his pace down until she felt every inch of him going in and out of her. The arousal built within her, and she clenched her inner walls to make it tighter for him. Henry growled in response and thrust into her over and over again.

After several rough slams within her, he took hold of her hands and pressed them beside her head. She was held captive to his need. He closed the small distance and locked his lips with hers. His tongue slid inside her mouth, deepening the kiss. Each touch aroused her further.

She was so close to the peak that she didn’t know how long she’d last. Henry changed from slowly fucking her to roughly pounding inside her. She saw his teeth clench seconds before he apologized. “I’m not going to last.”

His cock jerked within her, and his orgasm washed over him. She didn’t know how, but April followed him with an orgasm of her own. They collapsed together on the bed. The only sounds to be heard in the bedroom were the sounds of their heavy breathing. She stared up at the blank white ceiling, loving the feel of him in her arms and wishing it could have been different.

The guilt started to take over.


In her mind she hadn’t just fucked Henry Jones the man. No, she’d fucked Henry, Julia’s boyfriend. The pain was instant, and she didn’t know what to do.


The following morning Henry woke up reaching out for April only to come up with empty space. Lifting his head from the pillow he glanced around to see that she wasn’t anywhere. He climbed out of bed, grabbed a robe and moved from room to room. There was no sign of her. The sweatpants and shirt he removed off her body last night were gone. There was no sign that she’d even been in his apartment. Moving to the sitting room he found the picture frame with a Post-it note covering her face.

Last night was a mistake. A

The words filled him with dread. Last night had been the best night of his entire life. April was with him all the way. What had changed between last night and this morning? He ran fingers through his hair as he started to get agitated. This shouldn’t be happening.

He grabbed his cell phone from the kitchen counter and dialed Marcel’s number.

“This is too early for me to be dealing with whatever you’ve got going on.”

“Is April in today?” he asked.

“Well she was, but she called in sick this morning.”

Henry cursed.

“What’s going on?” Marcel asked.

“April was with me last night. She sneaked out of my place leaving me a note to say it was a mistake.”

“Maybe you should let her be. She clearly knows what she’s talking about,” Marcel suggested.

“I can’t leave her alone.” He’d tasted her, been inside her, and knew what heaven was all about. No, he wasn’t letting her get away from him. He’d fight her and do whatever it took to prove to April that he was serious about what he wanted.

Within half an hour he was dressed and in his car. He started by going to her apartment only to find no one answered. Next he went to Marcel’s only to be told she wasn’t there. The only place he hadn’t checked was Julia’s graveside.

Crap. What was he going to do if she was crying next to her friend?

Bracing himself, he drove to the grave and climbed out. In front of Julia’s stone marking her resting place there was a bench. April sat in it wrapped in a jacket.

His heart pounded as he entered the gate then took a seat beside her. April tensed but made no move to leave.

This is the last place he wanted to be. When it came to Julia he possessed a secret of his own that he never wanted April to find out.

“You left without waking me up,” he said.

“I’ve never been good at the morning after routine.” She kept her hands locked together in her lap.

“Why did you leave this?” He showed her the note she’d left.

“I thought you’d take the hint and not try to follow me today. I’m not in the mood to do this with you.”

“You’re going to try to ignore me?” He turned to look at her.

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