Think, April, think.

Dating David was fun, but she didn’t want to develop anything else between them. They were good friends, and yes, they shared a few kisses even though they didn’t blow her away.

There really wasn’t a relationship between her and David.

“April, are you okay?”

Seeing Henry brought back all the feelings she thought she had stopped. He made her heart race and her pussy pulse with need. The kisses shared with David didn’t leave her on fire while a short time with Henry and she was soaked.

“Honey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m coming out.”

Flushing the toilet, she washed her hands splashing water to her cheeks.

Opening her bedroom door she saw David leaning against the wall.

“You look a little flushed.”

“I’m fine,” she said.


Together they walked toward the sitting room. She settled on the sofa while the DVD started to play.

“I don’t have any diseases,” David said.

“What?” She frowned, looking toward him.

“You’re far enough away.”

“Oh, sorry.” She slid across the sofa and cuddled up against him. He stroked her arm while she stared at the screen. She enjoyed his touch.

He’s not Henry.

She kept her focus on the screen, wishing for her thoughts to be different.

When the scenes became heated and the two main characters were grabbing each other ready to have sex, she jerked out of David’s arms.

“I’m going to get a soda.” She didn’t offer him one and rested her head against the fridge.

“April?” David touched her shoulder and turned her around. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing. Nothing is going on.” She did her best to smile.

He stroked her cheek then sank his fingers into her hair. She gasped as he tilted her head back. Within seconds his lips were on hers and his tongue plundered her mouth.

She moaned, touching his arms.

The kiss deepened, and she opened her eyes to watch him. What had Henry done to her? David had pushed all of her buttons until she saw Henry again. Now, the chemistry was non-existent between them. Had she made it up in her head?

April withdrew, licking her lips.

“There’s something going on between you and Henry.”

“No, there’s nothing going on.”

He sighed, pulling away. “Since he stopped by tonight you’ve not been with it. There’s something going on, and it doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

She went to open her mouth, but he pressed a finger against her lips.

“I’ve not got a problem, but you need to make a choice.”

“David, seriously, nothing is going on.” She fisted her hands at her sides.

He stroked her cheek. “I like you, April. I enjoy spending time with you, but I’m not going to be second best. Before we go any further between us I want you to focus on what you want. Whether you think there’s nothing or not, I don’t know. I’ll be waiting for your call.”

April watched him leave. She followed him outside of her apartment and wished there was something she could say.

Great, just great.

She closed the door then took a seat on the sofa staring at the television. The sex was still in full swing, and she turned the whole thing off. She refused to watch another couple making out, finding love when she couldn’t find any love of her own. Rubbing at her eyes, she got to her feet and went into her bedroom.

Settling into bed, she stared up at the ceiling. She liked David. He felt safe to her after the years she’d spent pining for a man she couldn’t have. It sucked.

She turned to her side and gasped as she saw a picture of her, Julia, and Henry. They’d gone to the beach for a day. Julia had asked a passerby to take a photo. Henry stood behind them pulling them both in to him.

Reaching out, she grabbed the picture and stared at it. Julia had given her the picture on their last Christmas together. She didn’t dwell on the image as seeing the couple always struck her hard.

Turning on the night light she stared at Henry’s hands. She recalled the photo being taken and hadn’t given it much thought. His hand was on Julia’s shoulder, casual, friendly even. She looked at his hand on her.

April swallowed as heat swelled between her thighs. His hand was on her shoulder, but the tips of his fingers stroked her neck. The possession within the photo was clear to see. The way he held her to him should be how he held Julia, not her.

His head was turned toward her rather than Julia.

Getting out of bed, she quickly threw on some pants and a shirt and called a cab. Twenty minutes later she was on the road heading toward Henry’s place. The doorman nodded at her, and she gave him a quick smile. In her pocket lay the photo. She banged on his door, waiting of him to answer.

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