Too much pressure ... about to explode. He released her neck, his back bowing from the intensity as his se**n rose within him.

"Come inside me," she said, panting. "I need to feel it. Give me all of you."

Her words sent him over the edge. "Can't keep it in ... ah, no longer!" Helpless to stop it, he slammed his body between her thighs, taking her harder than he ever had, until ... in a blinding rush...

He was released.

"Carrow!" he bellowed as he began to ejaculate. Again and again, his shaft shot deep into her heat. Pumping ... ecstasy...

As he mindlessly thrust, filling her womb, she cried out, "I feel it inside me. Malkom, you're so hot ... like a brand." Her knees fell wide as she fisted the sheets, coming once more.

Just as the tension left her body, he groaned, emptying the last of his seed. They lay for long moments, catching their breath. He could scarcely formulate thought - the connection had been too complete, the pleasure too consuming. I feel nigh dumbstruck.

"Demon," she gasped, sounding dazed.

"I couldn't have imagined that," he murmured. " 'Twas pleasure with no e"ual."

He'd fully claimed what he wanted most in this world. His woman. And he felt ... whole.

Again, those once-confusing emotions hammered inside his chest, clamoring for release. Before, he hadn't understood what he'd felt, hadn't had the words to tell her.


Now he did. He raised himself up on his elbows to gaze down at her. "I am in love with you, Carrow." He tucked a lock of her black hair behind her ear.

"Malkom, I love you so much." Her eyes glinted. "I always will."

As he beheld the face of his wife, he saw that love in her expression, love there for the taking. He'd wanted proof, and there was no denying what he saw so clearly.

In what felt like a far distant life, Malkom had once been told he'd never win.

Now his heart was full as the truth struck him. But somehow I have won her.

A future with her spread out before him. Dreams to come, dreams to come true.

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