Tammy was more interested in the action behind them to give him an answer.

"Maybe I should lead this nut somewhere. I know the police wish I would. They don't like doing these things near innocent bystanders any more than I do."

"I guess, but where?"

"There's a sand pit up this way," he said and pointed in the direction they were heading. "When I was little I used to ride bikes there."

"What kind of sand pit?"

"The city uses it now for stockpile."

Tammy looked back again. "Don't think we have a choice. This guy's not letting up."

Another shot was fired and John felt the tap on the bumper as they raced toward the sand pit. The two police cars followed close behind with their blue lights flashing and sirens at full tilt. Time stood still and flashed by at the same time. John was glad to have some police back up, but the prospects of coming out unharmed were looking dismal.




"I'm scared," Tammy admitted as her face turned red and tears streamed down her cheeks.

John made the sharp turn around the end of the block and headed right for the entrance of the sand pit. "This is almost over with."

John looked in his rearview mirror to make sure the nut in the Chevy was still on his bumper. He screamed for Tammy to get down and hold on as he plowed through the closed chain link fence. Sparks flew off the hood of the Jeep as the gray metal mesh of the fence crashed inward. More gunfire came and John cut the Jeep sharp to the left. Unable to make the fast correction, the Chevy drove right into a mountain of soft white sand. The force of the impact sent the rear end of the car up and over.

The police cars followed, pulling in close behind the Chevy enough to block it in. But there was no chance of the car recovering. Now on its roof, the car started to slowly sink into the soft mountain of sand.

John and Tammy sat in the Jeep and waited, letting the officers do their job. "I don't believe what just happened," Tammy mumbled. "It was like a movie."

John reached for her hand. Her palm was slick with sweat and she could not take her eyes off the sinking Chevy. "Stay right here," he told her.

"Where are you going?"

"I want to see who's in that car."

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