"How much have you taken from Michael?" Tammy asked.

John looked at Frank and the two men waited for an answer. John took the question as a little forward and from the look in Frank's eyes, he thought the same.

"Everything," said Hank.

"Good timing, I guess."

"Such is life."

She laughed and nodded. They fell silent as they ate some of the appetizer from their plates.

"But, as in everything, you can't do it all alone."

"What do you mean?"

Hank leaned back on his stool and wiped at his mouth with a napkin. "Well, that's why you need me. Right?"

Tammy slowly nodded.


John looked again to the lieutenant.

"Sure. We all need others to help us along the way." He said. "Right?"

"You're right," she agreed.

John couldn't believe how willing this guy was to talk. Tammy's job was getting easier.

The restaurant was getting noisier by the minute. Frank had to turn up the volume on the receiver.

"Like you. A manager," Tammy said.

"Sure. Like me. I help where I can."

"Did someone turn you on to this area?"

John thought that was a perfect question. It wasn't too bold, but it was to the point. The answer could be incriminating depending how the man chose to take it on.

"My brother always has his eyes open to new areas. He's my partner and a heck of a scout."

"I'll have to meet him," she said.

"He told me about Orlando and Jacksonville."

"You have some acts down there?"

Frank looked over at John. Guilty, John thought. The lieutenant said that Taylor Time had no record of branching out.

The agent took a long gulp of his beer and dug back into his plate. A distant siren wailed somewhere down the beach.

"Did he tell you about Virginia Beach?" Tammy asked cautiously.

"No. Not really. This one's mine, I found it."

John noticed the lieutenant was starting to fidget. He was shaking his head and playing with the cord of the receiver. He seemed anxious.

"You wouldn't believe how we got to Virginia Beach."

Tammy smiled. She was still trying to get information. John watched her closely. "Try me. After all, I work for you now. I won't give away your trade secrets."

"It was a cop."

Tammy was silent. John did not need to see her look so shocked. He wanted the conversation flowing. She finally brought herself to ask more. "A policeman?"

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