"So what's going to happen?" Tammy asked the two men. "I ask the questions and he answers. You guys hear something good and jump in and arrest him. Is that it?"

"You take this one, Frank," the private eye said. "It's your show."

"Well, just act as natural as possible. Just let the conversation flow. Let him do most of the talking. He's a manager so he's going to want to talk business, I would assume. Maybe, somehow ask why he wants to move his operation down this way. Ask about him and Michael. Just see what happens. Me and John'll be listening by remote."

"How far?"

"Just a few tables. I have a hand held device. It looks like a little CD player, but it acts as a receiver for the microphone you'll be wearing."

"There'll also be a remote recording the conversation for possible court use."

"That's right, John. Every word will be recorded. Don't let that distract you, Tammy. If nothing comes from tomorrow night's meeting, we'll just try again."

Driving rain washed against the two small windows. John pictured the tourists running for cover out on the beach. Funny how people swimming hate to get wet, he thought. "Did you find out anything on Taylor Time's business dealings?" John asked the lieutenant.

"Oddly enough, they're clean. I couldn't find a thing."

John was stunned. He was looking for some kind of track record with this company to reinforce what ever they could uncover.


"My contact up in that region did some checking for me and she wasn't able to find anything. She's still searching, though."

"Strange," John remarked.

Tammy was adjusting the wire to suit her.

"Don't worry," John said. "I'm going to be watching every move."

"Same here," Frank added.

Thunder rolled overhead. Tammy jumped and then broke out laughing. She grabbed at her chest. "That scared me," she said. "I hope we put the van windows up."

"I think we did."

"What time are we meeting tomorrow night to go over any last minute instructions?" the lieutenant asked.

John looked at Tammy and shrugged. "Five or so," she said. "I'm meeting Hank at around six at Shamrock. That'll give us a little time to get me hooked up."

"Sounds good," Frank said. "Should we meet here?"

"How about my office. It's just a few blocks from the restaurant. Me and Tammy were going to meet there anyway before going on over."

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