John was thinking of something funny to say but only came back with, "let's go. She doesn't live too far from here. I bet you two are going to just love each other."

"That's the kiss of death," she told him shaking her head.

"No. Not like that at all. She's got a big heart."

"You think I've got a big heart?"

"Well, you haven't fired me yet."

Tammy laughed. She stood and reached for her purse on the floor beside her chair. "Yet is the key word."

"Hey. If you fire me, you'll be forced to hire me as your permanent songwriter."

She stopped. "You think I'll do that with my big heart?"

"All I know about are writing songs and catching bad guys. If I can't do one I have to do the other."

She cocked her head and clapped her hands together. "I think you just wrote a hit country song."


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