John swallowed what was in his mouth.

"That's him," she repeated. She seemed stunned at what she was looking at.

"You'd think he would have the cash to hire someone to do his dirty work. No kidding, John. It's him. See the hump on the bridge of his nose on this side shot?" she pointed out.

John went to look over her shoulder.

"That's him."

"I didn't expect that," John said. "I was planning on telling you that I suspect him in all this. Little did I know you would beat me to the punch."

"What else did you and Frank talk about?"

"We were thinking maybe you could wear a wire device and get him saying something on tape. Something we could use."

Tammy fell silent.

"I know what you're thinking," the private eye said, "but it will be perfectly safe. I would never let anything happen to you. No case would ever be worth that."


Tammy stood up and looked him in the eyes. "I trust you, John. You've hung in there from the start and I thank you for it. I trust you. If you think I should try to get more out of him and wear a wire, I believe you."

John reached for her hands. He grabbed them both and clutched them tight. "I was ready for you to say no. I don't know what to say now that you agree to go along with our plan. We thought that this might be a good start."

"Mind if I open the back door and let some ocean air in here? I love that."

"Sure," John said.

Tammy walked to the back door. "So tell me how you two plan to pull this off. I think this guinea pig needs to know what she's getting into."

"Obviously we'd want to pick a very public place and have you watched at all times."

"How would the monitoring work?"

John could feel the change in the air when she opened the back door. He could hear the surf break and children laughing. It was early, but a lot of the tourists got out early, he had been noticing. "We would, meaning literally me and Frank, listen to the conversation and take action when and if necessary."

Tammy was back sitting in her seat. "How?"

"We would be at a remote location with head sets on listening to you and Hank talk. When he admits wrong doing, we jump in and save the day."

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