"By the way, how did your trip turn out?"

"We picked a great producer and he's going to start sending me songs to pick for my record."

A far off siren wailed. It grew louder before finally fading away to nothing. "Did Taylor approach you soon after Michael's death?"

"Almost instantly," she answered after some thought.

"They probably wanted to snap you up."

"Like I said, they have always felt that Michael had sort of a monopoly on this area. Now with his death, they can gain a little business."

"You hit it right on the head," John told her.

"I did?"

"With Michael's death, they can gain a ton of business."

She looked at John. "You don't think they had anything to do with the accident?"


"Works out pretty well for them don't you think?"


John stopped himself again from giving too much away. He did not want to harp to harshly on whom she chose to do business. He was starting to get the vibe that she did not like where he was going with his theory. "Not to discredit Hank, but Taylor Time Entertainment might have tampered with the brakes in order to cause an accident. This would hopefully terminate the competition and open new doors."

"I don't know if I like this," she said and folded her arms.

He pushed it too far.

"You're right," John admitted. "I don't like it either. The problem I have is real evidence. The hard facts to tie down this theory of mine."

Someone pulled at the locked front door to John's office. It was a man in a suit. He cupped his hands around his eyes and tried to get a look inside and then yanked at the door again. "We're closed!" John yelled.

Tammy quickly told him, "I can wait. Talk to him."

"Thanks, but no thanks. I have a one track mind with these things," John said. "The more I discover about this case, the more I want to know. I also want to find out who's been trying to kill me."

The man outside gave up and started down the sidewalk. Tammy stood and tried to catch his eye as he passed the window. "You might be loosing business. He's walking away."

"You going to fire me now? You got what you wanted."

She smiled. Turning toward John, she responded with, "No."

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