John drove back to his office. He routinely checked his rearview mirror for any approaching blue Chevy or any other suspicious looking vehicle.

He parked and once again went in through the back door. Once inside, he stopped and locked the door behind him. So much for listening to the soothing ocean rolling over the beach as he tended to paperwork - paranoia was on high.

He opened the blinds part way to keep from turning on any lights. It was a bright enough day outside to allow for some natural oceanfront rays to come in. The Lord had given him the small favor of having no messages to check. This blessing offered him time to think and plot out his next plan of action with Tammy. Brad had just tossed a major wrench into things, but at the same time a few clues were taking shape.

After ten minutes of relaxing in his leather desk chair, he picked up the phone and dialed Tammy's number. She had been busy the day before working on her deal in Nashville and he hated to drag her in on such short notice.

He was still in his chair when there was a soft knock on the back door.

"What's so urgent?" Tammy asked when John opened the door. Her eyes were wide and full of excitement.

John told her to have a seat as he got her a can of soda from the camper sized refrigerator.

"I rushed right over like you told me to," she said.

John could not help noticing the same sweet perfume she was wearing. When the case was over, he would talk to her about the unexpected kiss and ask about the perfume. "I need to know about your new manager."

She seemed disinterested in the subject.


"It might be important," John added.

"What did the police say?"

John went to the window. Feeling more secure within his own office, he opened the blinds a little more. At that very instant he was given a chance to appreciate a late model Thunderbird rolling by. The car was pearl white and in showroom condition. He wondered if he should tell Tammy that the police do not suspect her enough to be worried about. If he told her she may drop him and he may never see her again. But, he figured, he was obligated to tell his client the truth. Their relationship, at least for him, was now beyond business.

"Good news," he said.

She waited for more, he face unemotional.

He smiled and lowered himself again into the chair behind his desk. "They don't suspect you."

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