John looked back toward the refuge. In the distance it was even darker than looking out into the nothingness of the ocean's horizon. And dead still."

"I think we should go back now."

"If we must," John agreed.

"We must." Tammy turned and John followed. "Why did we even come out here this late?"

"We just got in your car and started driving."

"Or something in the wild life refuge called to us," Tammy offered.

John stopped walking and tilted his head as if straining to hear something far away. "Listen," he whispered.


"Hear that?"

"Come on, John. Don't play like this."


He looked back toward the dunes and waited. Then he turned toward the sea.

"I'm telling you not to play like this with me. I'll scream so loud it'll make your ears bleed."

"Let's go back to your car before the blood hungry monsters come out to play," he said with his eyebrows raised and a goofy grin on his face.

She stayed where she was and jerked him closer. She pulled his arms around her middle. "Shut up and kiss me mister PI," she told him. "I won't scream."

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