Frank walked by John on his way back into the office. The pungent smell of the man's cologne almost made John sneeze. This was an off duty assignment and he had on blue jeans and a red Polo shirt. "I can do whatever you want me to on this one. Nobody even knows I'm here."

He was a good detective, John thought. A very thorough and professional person. "I guess just keep it under your hat for now."

Frank looked down at John's desk and shook his head.

"I know," John reluctantly admitted with a sigh.

Frank's smile widened. "How do you know what you got here? I don't remember you being such a damn slob back when you worked with us."

"I don't know what to tell you. There's a system on the desk. It works for me."

Frank pulled his car keys out of the front pocket of his jeans. "Works for you then I'm a happy clam."

John walked over to the office door and pulled it open for the lieutenant. "Listen, thanks for coming by after work like this. Don't go getting yourself in trouble over me. I ain't worth it."

"Who are you telling?"

Now it was John's turn to shake his head and give a dismissive wave.


"Seriously, John," Frank said flatly. "Take another look at those bullet holes after I leave. I'll put dollars to doughnuts they come from the White Sands Hotel judging the entry angle."

"You mean the hotel two doors down?"

"I see a lot of the side rooms look almost directly over this building. Be easy for someone to get off a shot or two."

John nodded.

"The holes in your doorjamb are cut down and at an angle away from the hotel. This tells me the shooter was on about the third floor or a little higher. But they would have to be able to at least hide themselves a little bit. Well, they could duck back behind the curtain in the room with the door open. Like dropping a water balloon. It could be done by a professional sniper."

"It all makes sense. I never saw anyone on the beach at eye level looking suspicious," John added. "Stands to reason I guess the shooter would prefer to be up and out of the way. Most of us look where we're going not up."

Frank pushed the door open. "I'll give you a call and see how you're doing with this. I still say somebody heard you play and couldn't go on another day knowing you're still in the world spreading music."

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