“You’re right. I’m rich, and women often try to throw themselves at me. Maybe if I had a someone at my side, I wouldn’t have that problem. Maybe I should get married. Get a ring on my finger so they all know I’m not up for grabs. I think I know the perfect woman for the job.”

Her mouth falls open, and I again steal the moment to kiss her.

Chapter Seven


I can’t stop myself from putting my arms around his neck and deepening the kiss. So many emotions and thoughts run through me, and I have no idea what to do with any of them. But what he said was nothing like I thought it would be. Even if he’s just teasing about the last part. No way could he really mean he wants to get married. We barely know each other.

When I finally pull away from him, I see that hooded look on his face again. I don’t know what it is, but when I see that raw desire for me on his face, it does something to me. Makes me feel like a woman for the first time in my life. Not just some little girl whos brothers have tried to shelter from the world. Maybe I am finding what I came out here to find. A little more of me. A part of me that I didn’t even know had been there all along is opening up. Or maybe it was waiting for Kenton. That is both exciting and scary all at once.

“There’s no one else, Madeline.”

He says my name, and it feels foreign. Oddly, it makes me miss the nickname he’d given me that normally makes me mad.

“There hasn’t been anyone since I laid eyes on you, sweets, and there wasn’t anyone for a long time before you. Hell, no one mattered before you. Not even close.”

My heart does a little flutter at that. I lick my lips and watch his eyes go there.

“Okay,” is all I can find myself saying, feeling shy again.


“Okay?” He eyes me, his hands loosening the firm hold he has on my hips and sliding up my back.

“Okay, I’ll stop fighting this,” I say, making him smile. He leans in and places a kiss on my neck and starts to trail more up to my ear. He grabs my earlobe between his teeth, making me moan and wiggle on him.

“You can fight all you want, sweets, but one way or another, I’ll have you.” Then he’s picking me up in an easy hold, carrying me back to where he left his bag. I remember that we’re on an island, maybe even stranded.

He places me on my feet in the sand, picks up my shoes, and slides them into his backpack. Then he puts his shoes on and picks me up again, making me squeal.

“I can walk.”

He just smiles at me, tightening his hold. He seems to do that a lot. Like I might up and disappear on him or something. I like it. I like that he has these possessive feelings for me.

“You hurt your foot, and I like holding you.”

I wrap my hand around his neck, laying my head on his shoulder.

“Okay,” I say once again.

“You’re awfully agreeable all of a sudden,” he teases as he starts walking back towards where we came from.

“Maybe it’s the orgasms,” I say, teasing him back and making him chuckle.

“I’ll have to keep that in mind.”

“Where are we going?” I ask, feeling my eyes start to drift closed. The sun is going down, and I have a feeling we are going to be here for the night. I should be more scared, but for some reason, with Kenton holding me, I just feel content.

“I thought I saw something over here.”

I lift my head and look to where he points and I see it.

“Is that…?”

“Looks like a little hut to me.” He picks up the pace, and we get close enough to see it. There, nestled between two trees, is a little hut, no bigger than maybe ten foot by ten foot, and made out of wood. It even has a little window next to the door and a hammock on the porch.

“Whoever owns the island probably had it built.”

“Maybe there is a phone or something,” I say, looking up at him. Strangely, I don’t want there to be one. Not tonight anyway. I just want to lie down for a little while with him. I like the idea of being trapped with him a little bit longer. Enjoying it just being us. No brothers nagging at what I’m doing. No one making me question Kenton’s motives with little remarks.

He just shrugs like he doesn’t like the idea either.

“If there is, we should wait until tomorrow,” I tell him.

“I like that idea.” He smiles and kisses my forehead before pushing the door open with his foot. The hut is bare. Just a small bed and a table, but the bed doesn’t look bad at all. It might be small, but it looks almost new.

Kenton places me on the bed, putting his bag on the table as he starts to pull stuff out of it--everything from water, to food, and even a little electric lantern that he flips on, putting it in the center of the table.

“You really were a boy scout, weren’t you?” I tease, making him look over at me. Something flashes across his face. I go to stand to go to him, but he moves back towards the bed, dropping down in front of me and picking up my foot to look at the little cut.

“It’s nothing. It doesn’t even hurt,” I reassure him, but he kisses it anyway, and for some reason that makes my heart flutter.

It’s crazy how much my feelings for him have changed in just a few hours. How is he nothing like I thought he would be? Or at least like I told myself he was. I was sure he was some billionaire playboy who was also a giant cold dick, but nothing about Kenton has been cold since I landed in paradise with him. Okay, maybe I didn’t land. He crashed into my little vacation. But maybe this was all fate pulling us together. The thought makes me smile. He leans up, placing a soft kiss on my lips.