Almost frenzied with anxiety, wondering if it were too soon, she moved forward in the car so as to obstruct old Lena's view through the door as it opened. One glance showed her the Hoff door now tightly closed, and she thought she heard the door of her own apartment just closing.

Suddenly she remembered that she had gone up on the roof without a key.

It would be a pretty pass if Dean were still in the Hoff apartment and she couldn't get into her own.

All in a tremble she pressed the button of her own door, waiting, however, to see that the laundress was out of the hall. It was Dean who opened the door, and she all but fainted in his arms as she saw that he was back in safety.

"It's done," he cried gleefully, as he caught her and drew her within, closing the door carefully behind her. "I just finished my work as you came down."

Great drops of perspiration still stood on his forehead and he was breathing rapidly.

"Why, what's the matter?" he cried, noticing for the first time Jane's perturbation. "Was it too much for you? What happened?"

"Put this down quick, quick," gasped Jane, "Red--two large--one small--one large--one small--and then--red--two small--one large--three small--two large."

Wonderingly he complied, jotting down what she told him in his notebook, and turning to ask her what it meant, discovered that she had fainted.