"Yes, indeed," assented Jane, suddenly recalling the navy lieutenant she had seen in the Ritz chatting so confidentially with old Otto Hoff's nephew. Was he, she wondered, one of the links in the terrible chain?

Was he the end--the American end of the chain?

"We're certain about the old man now," said Fleck, rising as if to indicate that the interview was at an end. "We've got to get the young fellow next. There is nothing in this to implicate him. That's your job.

Find out all you can about him. Get acquainted with him, if possible.

That's one of the weakest spots about all German spies. They can't help boasting to women. Try to get to know this Fred Hoff. It's most important."

"I'll do more than try," said Jane spiritedly. "I'll get acquainted right away. I'll make him talk to me."