He heard a soft chuckle in his ear. “Come, baby. Come in my hand.”

With a soft, guttural noise, Jagger’s orgasm ripped through him, leaving him shaken and dazed, barely able to stand. Niki gathered him in his arms and carried him to bed. He jerked off the pants that had slid to his ankles and threw them on the floor. Keeping his gaze on Jagger, he removed his own clothing and then quirked an eyebrow at Jagger. “Do you have lubricant?”

Jagger nodded and pointed toward a low cabinet by the bed. His mouth went dry at the sight of Niki’s magnificent body. He was purely masculine, with broad shoulders and slim hips, his entire body rippling with muscles. His cock was long and thick, with blue veins coursing up the shaft. The tip was pearled with pre cum.

“There’s a bottle of oil in there, b-but n-not now, Niki, please. I’m too…I-I can’t again. I’ll take care of you later, I promise.”

Niki smiled down at him. “Oh you can, love, and you will. But it’s not you who’ll be taking care of things—it’s me.”

Jagger scooted up to the head of the bed at the predatory gaze Nikolai had fixed on him. Niki grabbed his foot and pulled him back down to his back in one swift move, while at the same time moving his body over his. Niki’s gorgeous cock rubbed against Jagger’s and Jagger closed his eyes again and turned his head away, a deep moan escaping his throat. He felt Niki’s fingers in his hair, tugging his head back around. “Open your eyes, little one. I want you to see who’s fucking you.”

Jagger raised his eyebrows. “N-No! Niki, I’ve never…no!”

“Oh, yes, baby, I’m going to claim you. I’ve waited as long as I can. You’re mine, love, don’t you see?”

He lowered his head and took Jagger’s lips with his, licking at them until Jagger’s mouth fell open and let him in. His tongue stroked the inside of Jagger’s mouth, their breath mingling as if they were one. Jagger gave in with a little cry and tentatively thrust his tongue back to meet Niki’s. Niki made an approving sound in his throat, and as the kiss deepened, he ground his groin against Jagger’s until Jagger thought he’d lose his mind.

With a final little nip on Jagger’s bottom lip, he pulled back his head and gazed down into Jagger’s eyes. “I want to claim you as my mate, sweetheart. Once I do, you’ll belong to me forever— there’ll be no going back for you. Do you want this? Do you understand what it means?”


Jagger nodded. He was almost mindless with wanting, needing this man, and he would have agreed to anything he asked. Niki smiled down at him and gave him another little bite on his bottom lip. “I’m not sure you really understand, darling. You’ll be a Lycan mate. Do you know what that means?”

“Of course,” Jagger murmured, nodding his head and tilting it up for more kisses. “Don’t be presumptuous, Niki. Of course, I know what it means to be your mate. I’m a prince of the kingdom, after all. And I want to be yours. Make me yours.”

Nikolai moaned and buried his face in Jagger’s neck. “Gods, you smell so sweet.”

He got to his knees and slowly rolled Jagger over, lifting his hips to pull pillows under them. His hard fingers massaged oil gently into his crease and ghosted over his hole. Jagger tensed, and Niki put a hand on the cheek of his ass. “Open to me, love. I won’t hurt you.”

Jagger nodded and tried to relax his body, opening his legs even further. Niki stroked his back and with an oiled finger gently probed around Jagger’s hole. No one had ever touched him there, but it felt right with Niki. The finger slowly pressed inside and when Jagger tensed against the burn, Niki leaned over him and kissed his ear, licking at the nape of his neck until he relaxed again. He whispered wickedly in his ear as he slowly moved the finger in and out. “Has anyone ever touched you here, love?”

Jagger shook his head, and Niki gave a soft chuckle as he nibbled at his ear. “Good. This is mine, and you’ll never feel anyone else’s fingers here again.” Those whispers in his ear were driving him crazy. He arched his back and couldn’t decide whether to lean into them or pull away. He felt another finger go inside him and he groaned at the stretch of those fingers deep within. They only moved in farther and Jagger cried out, trying to get away until they suddenly brushed against the spot he’d touched for others, but had no idea of how it felt for himself. So this is why some men liked this so much, and wanted only to bottom. It was incredible. The fingers brushed over the spot again and again until Jagger was mindless, thrashing his head wantonly and pushing his ass up into the air to get more of the feeling.

Suddenly the fingers pulled away and Jagger almost sobbed in frustration and need. Then he felt something else nudging his hole, something larger, and he felt a moment of panic. Before he could move away, Niki’s hand pushed under him and closed around his cock, pulling down and back up hard several times in a row. He couldn’t decide whether to arch forward or back—he needed more pressure, more sensation. Niki thrust into him again and again, his large member going over and over that spot until Jagger screamed out again.

“That’s right, baby. Sing for me. Tell me how it feels.”

Jagger’s whole body seemed to convulse around him, tightening on his shaft, and he heard Niki grunt, as if in pain. He began to thrust harder and harder, going deeper with each stroke. Jagger gasped at the burn he felt, but Niki’s hands continued to work his cock until he thought he’d lose his mind. He couldn’t decide if he should beg him to stop or beg for more.

“I’m going to give you the mating bite, little one. I can’t hold back. It will hurt for just a moment, but I’m here. I’m taking care of you. I’ll always take care of you.”

Jagger nodded and Niki bit deeply into the side of his neck. It felt like twin needles boring into him, and he screamed in pain. Right away he felt something different inside him, something hard and unyielding, filling him uncomfortably full. Nikolai had thrust himself into him and gave a wordless cry as he strained against him. The next instant, feelings like he’d never had before surged through him, filling him with pleasure. He began to spurt his orgasm uncontrollably, while at the same time, he felt Niki’s hot seed flooding into him. Instead of dissipating, the feelings only got stronger and he was flying, stars moving past his eyes at an alarming rate. Vaguely, in some other part of his mind, it registered that Niki was licking his neck, bathing the bite in saliva, and it felt—wonderful. He leaned into it, and felt the stars rushing at him till the blackness came down around him like a curtain.

* * * * Nikolai lay inside his lover for a long time. He’d knotted Jagger, and he was unable to pull away for almost an hour. He’d never knotted anyone before, of course, and never wanted to, but once he bit into his mate’s sweet neck, his wolf came forward, strong and bestial and out of control. His gland swelled, locking them together. The venom in his cum when the knot came out was causing the change to come over Jagger even now. It wouldn’t kill him, of course, but it would initiate the change. Jagger would become stronger and faster, even better-looking. He would now live a long life, like Nikolai, and Jagger would be unable to be parted from his wolf without causing himself extreme emotional pain. Jagger would never again be attracted to another man, and would be unable to sustain an erection unless it was for Nikolai, thus ensuring his faithfulness and devotion.

Nikolai pulled out of his lover slowly, hating to leave his body. He pulled Jagger into his arms, gently stroking over his side and hip, calming and soothing him as his body jerked and trembled. Jagger was deeply asleep, another aftereffect of the mating bite. His cheeks were pink already with the fever that was taking his body temperature higher and higher. It wouldn’t last long, only a few hours, but when he awoke, he’d be a Lycan mate.

He hoped Jagger really did understand what he’d agreed to. Sometimes it was hard to tell with his little mate. His little prince was so arrogant and downright cocky at times, wanting everyone to believe he was wise beyond his years, but surely everyone knew the nature of the Lycans, even in this backwater. His family had been trading with the Jayronians for many cycles. Yes, certainly he wasn’t just pretending to be knowledgeable. His little mate must know what he had agreed to. The mating pull usually worked both ways, with the mate of the wolf just as unable to resist it as the Lycan. The pull was certainly strong for Nikolai with this little one. He could never leave him now, not for anything or anyone, and he’d felt that way since he first laid eyes on him.

Nikolai gathered him closer and kissed the back of his neck over the bite. He couldn’t have held off another minute to make him his. Being around him all day, making love to him the night before, and breathing in his scent had finally overcome his efforts to wait. The mating pull had been urgent. His wolf approved of his decision and was finally lying asleep inside him after raging at him for two days. Snuggling into Jagger’s hot little body, he relaxed all the tension he’d been feeling, all the effort it had taken him for the past two days not to claim his mate. Feeling sleep stealing over him, he whispered in his mate’s ear, “I love you, sweetheart. Only you, forever.”

As if his words reached him in his dream, Jagger sighed softly and pushed his bottom back against Nikolai. Incredibly, Nikolai felt his cock thickening. Gods, could he ever get enough of this sweet boy? Nikolai pressed his cock into Jagger’s crease, and allowed sleep to take him away.

A loud knocking on the door a few hours later woke him up with a start. “Your Highness? Your Highness, the delegation from Lycanus 3 has arrived more quickly than we anticipated. They’re waiting in the throne room and your father asked me to come get you—both of you—right away.” His little prince woke up beside him and looked around him in confusion. He’d been deeply asleep. Nikolai reached for him and drew him back down into his arms. His fever was almost gone now, and he hated to see him disturbed. The prince frowned and bit his bottom lip.

“They’re here so soon? What time is it?” Nikolai glanced over at the clock on the wall. “Almost midnight, love. My…uh…stepbrothers have always been an impatient bunch. I wish they’d waited until morning, at least.”

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