“Tell me,” he ordered her, his voice dark, rough. “Tell me you are mine, Merinus.”

He stared down at her, his eyes bright, intense as he held her securely while pushing inside her by slow, torturous degrees. She was shamefully aware of the pulse of her inner flesh as it milked him, caressed him. She was drowning in her own lusts, her own needs.

“Touch me,” she begged shamelessly, her breasts pressing against his chest. “Please, Callan, touch me.”

His tongue licked over her breasts. Rough, rasping her flesh, she arched against him, needing more.

“Tell me, and I will give you what you need,” he told her tautly. “Say the words, Merinus.”

“No.” She shook her head, her hips twisting as she fought to get closer to him, to drive that steel hard flesh deep inside her.

“You will tell me,” he groaned, his hand gripping her hip while the other held her hands anchored to the ground.

She looked up at him, seeing the savage lines of his face, the determination in his eyes. His body was hard, so hot against hers it nearly scorched her. She had to fight to keep the words he wanted from pouring from her mouth. He wanted surrender. He wanted to dominate and possess and she refused to allow it. She couldn’t let him. If he did it now, there would be no stopping him from doing it later.

“Are you mine?” she asked him instead, her muscles clenching on the few scant inches of hard flesh flexing inside her. “Who do you belong to, Callan?”

His eyes narrowed.


“My brothers will be here soon,” she told him, panting, fighting to keep her sanity. “They’ll take me home then. Whose will I be then?”

“No,” he bit out, his hips pulling back, then easing his erection inside her again, no further though, than it had been before.

“No, you aren’t mine?” she whispered, gasping as his teeth nipped at her breast, his tongue stroking over her nipple.

Oh, how she wanted to give in.

“You will not leave,” he growled, nipping her again, then licking the wound. His teeth were hard, sharp, the little flashes of heated sensation speared to her womb, causing it to clench hard, deep.

“How will you stop me?” she whispered, staring up at him, straining to get closer, to get him deeper inside her.

He breathed in hard. Rough.

“You are mine. Mine, Merinus.” His hips plunged hard, driving his cock deep inside her, causing her body to scream with pleasure, with an overload of sensation that made her cry out as her teeth sank into his shoulder.

There was no stopping him then. He moaned, harsh and wild into her neck as he began to pound into her. He filled her cunt, stretching the sensitive tissue deliciously, stroking it as a million bolts of erotic electricity sizzled along her channel. Deep, driving thrusts that had her screaming, begging for release. She felt his cock throb, then along the soft tissue of the roof of her vagina it began. At first, just a soft nuance of change. A stroke, like a whisper of sensation. A separate pulse, a heated prong of pleasure she couldn’t stand. It raked against nerve endings she never knew existed, made her twist, fight for more.

“Merinus,” he groaned her name as it began happening, his voice fraught with unbearable pleasure.

“What is it?” Her head twisted as it became firmer, stroking her harder, driving her higher. “Oh God, Callan. I can’t stand—”

She screamed with what little breath she had left. She felt it extend, pulsing as it lodged in the ultra sensitive muscles in the depths of her flesh as Callan’s release began bursting inside her. She couldn’t stop her own climax. It tore through her body to the pulse of that nubbin stroking the exact center of her sensations. Her legs tightened around his hips, grinding her clit against him, feeling the hard beat of release there, as well as deep inside her womb. She was pulsing, erupting, begging for breath as the pleasure seemed never ending, until she collapsed against him.

His arms were tight around her. She never knew when he released her hands. His head was buried in her neck, his own breath heaving from his chest as he fought for air. His body was tense and hard, dominating.

“Mine,” he whispered again into her neck.

Merinus felt tears come to her eyes. She was naked, stretched out on the grass in the middle of a damned forest with a man she didn’t even really know still lodged inside her body. Her flesh still shuddered from her orgasm, her vagina clasped around his erection, unwilling to let him go, and she was

suddenly terrified.

“Let me up,” she whispered, pushing at his shoulders, fighting the weariness and the fear rising inside her. She felt his lips at her neck once again. Warm, the caress sent tingles of sensation over her body. Her nipples beaded once again and she felt the fluttering need in her womb as her body responded to it. Her breath hitched, she felt her tears as they fell from her eyes and rolled down the sides of her face.

“Merinus?” His voice was soft, low, a husky purr of satiation as he levered himself above her. She turned her face from him, shifting her back, suddenly aware of the rough ground on her flesh. He moved from her, and she could barely control her sobs as she felt the firm length of his cock slowly draw from her inner flesh.

“Did I hurt you?” He eased her up, his hands gentle as they ran over her body, his expression somber, remorseful.

Merinus shook her head, fighting her tears. She was damp with sweat, his semen and her juices leaked from between her thighs, a warm reminder of the fiery orgasm that had gripped her moments before. She heard him sigh wearily as he moved away from her, then he was drawing his shirt over her head, tucking her arms into it, covering her body. He moved away from her then, jerking his jeans from the forest floor and pulling them on. His moccasins came next, his movements graceful, fluid, despite the anger she could feel pulsing from him.

“Stay here. I’ll get your shoes,” he ordered her.

Merinus nodded, staring at her bare feet, the red polish that needed replacing on her toenails, the dirt on her feet and legs.

A broad, male hand moved to her chin, turning her face to him. She jerked away, hiding her face, her tears. His hand gripped her chin, pulling her face up as he stared down at her, his expression brooding.

“I told you not to push me,” he reminded her, his tone harsh. “Now will you stay here, or must I drag you with me to find your damned shoes?”

She nearly choked on her sobs as she fought to contain them. She nodded jerkily. She couldn’t speak, if she did, she was terrified she would lose the control she was fighting so desperately for. He released her, demanding nothing more, then turned and stalked away. Merinus wrapped her arms around her waist, biting her lip as she tried to stem the tears that fell from her eyes. She was suddenly so frightened she could only shudder with it. What in God’s name had she gotten herself into?

“Here.” Callan knelt at her feet. With gentle hands he put her shoes on, then tied them quickly. Rather than moving when he finished, he continued to kneel there, his head lowered, his fingers caressing her ankle.

“I’m sorry.” His voice was edged with frustration. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

His head raised, his eyes dark with concern and bemusement. As though he too were treading in waters

so unfamiliar the threat of drowning was imminent.

“Kane will come for me,” she whispered. “You have to let me go, Callan.”

His lips twisted bitterly. “I know,” he agreed, his hand lifting, his thumb wiping her tears from beneath one eye. “But to take you, Merinus, he’ll have to kill me.”

The finality in his voice terrified her. The resounding echo in her heart shattered her last hope that she would ever be free of him.

“You said you could walk away,” she sobbed. “That even if it hurt you could walk away.”

“And an hour later I found you gone and lost my sanity,” he told her bleakly. She shook her head. This couldn’t be happening. Not like this. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

“Kane won’t let you keep me,” she said, desperate for him to understand, to let her go. Desperate to make herself believe, despite the agony throbbing inside her. She didn’t want to be free of him, and that frightened her more than anything.

“As I would refuse to let any man hold Sherra or Dawn against their will,” he answered her, his expression drawn into lines of acceptance. “This will be up to you to solve, Merinus. One of us will die if you try to leave with him. I won’t let him take you.”

“You said the doctor would find a cure.” Her fists clenched as she rejected his brutal statement. “You said he would make it better.”

“And while you were running, I learned he cannot.” Callan reached up, pulling her hair back from her face as he watched her. “It will have to ease on its own, and he believes it will. But he believes it will never go away completely. This need, Merinus, whatever it is, could be something neither of us will be free of. Something I’m not certain I want to be free of.”

She heard the curious note of vulnerability in his voice. A bemusement that he felt that way.

“I have to call my brothers. They have to know I’m safe.” She knew Kane was going crazy with worry. He wasn’t safe to be around when he did that.

Callan sighed wearily, rising to his feet.

“Come on. Let’s go back to the cabin. We’ll discuss it there.” He held his hand out to her. Merinus stared up at him, anger and pain shattering her.

“You won’t let me call them, will you? You won’t let them help me.”

“I won’t let them take you,” he corrected her. “And if they can find you, they will try to take you, Merinus. They will convince themselves you can be cured. That the need can be taken away. I don’t believe it can. I believe nature is having its last laugh on those crazy bastards who created me.”

“What do you mean?” She shook her head, even more confused than before.

“The hormone releasing from my body to yours counteracts the contraception injection the doctor’s been giving you,” he told her softly. “We were created to be unable to breed, our semen incompatible with normal humans. But that hormone is changing that, slowly. Reversing the DNA coded into us. We’re mated. Nature will allow us no other choice.”

Merinus felt her world tilt. Her hands pressed to her stomach, she had to fight for air.

“Am I—?” She swallowed tightly.

“Not yet,” he assured her. “But eventually you will be. There’s nothing we can do but see how this anomaly intends to work itself out.”

“No.” Desperate, pleading, she came to her feet, her hands gripping his arms. “No, Callan, you have to do something to stop this. Wear a condom. That would protect me.”

Mockery slashed across his face. “What, Merinus, unwilling to breed with an animal after all?”

Shock held her immobile for only a moment.

“Damn you,” she lashed out at him. “I’m unwilling to be an experiment for you. You don’t love me, Callan. I’m nothing to you but a bodily function. I refuse to have a child under those circumstances.”

“A condom will not work anyway,” he told her bitterly. “That part of me that gives you such pleasure, that swells and throbs within your flesh would not allow it.”

“What are you saying?” She shook his arm, her nails biting into his flesh. “A condom would work, Callan.”

“A condom would split when the barb swells from my cock, Merinus. At full erection, it fills the back of your tight little cunt, locking it into your flesh. It doesn’t hurt you, because it’s blunt-tipped, but it’s too large for a condom to sustain.”

Merinus felt the blood drain from her face. Her knees weakened, her heart beating sluggishly within her breast.

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