Kane, hard-nosed asshole that he was, would scream and yell at her, then he would likely kill Callan. Maybe that wouldn’t be the smartest route, at least not until this problem with her hormones was fixed.

“Do any other sperm samples react to the excretions?” She heard Sherra ask the doctor. Oh Lord, this was bad. They were combining the samples taken from her body with other men’s cum. Merinus gritted her teeth.

“Enough.” She didn’t wait for the doctor’s response. “Get me a phone. Time to call home.”

“Merinus, it really is okay.” Dawn glided forward, her heart shaped face concerned as Sherra and Doctor Martin turned to her. “Just a bit longer and we’ll be finished.”

Merinus sat up on the bed, intending to move to her feet. To dress. To leave. A hard shudder worked over her body then, her vagina spasmed and a fierce jolt of incredible need shook her body, forcing a moan past her throat.

“This is bad,” she whimpered, bending over clutching her stomach. “Oh God, this is bad. Time to go home.”

“Merinus.” Sherra rushed to her side as beeps and pings began to echo through the cavern as the machines, attached to Merinus’ body by electrodes, began to go off. “Just a minute—”

“Time’s up.” Callan stood in the entrance of the makeshift lab, his hair flowing to his bare shoulders, his golden eyes glittering with lust.

Merinus gasped as he came toward her. She had to touch him, had to have him against her. He looked big and hard and so warm. There was no hesitation in her when he reached for her, lifting her from the lab bed.

She groaned aloud when his fiery skin touched her, his arms lifting her against his chest as he turned and stalked from the room. The sheet trailed to the floor, rasping against her skin as it slowly fell away.


“Is it going to hurt?” She couldn’t keep her lips from his chest. She had to taste him. She bit at hard muscles, licked the small wound as his body shuddered.

“Hell if I know,” he growled. It rumbled through his chest, a deep, predatory sound that had her shivering in pleasure. “And it’s too damned late to worry about it.”


Callan carried her through the darkened house, his steps quick, stalking as he moved through a large kitchen, a rustic living room, then into a long hall. Then he was turning into a doorway, kicking the door closed as he passed it and moving to the wide bed on the far wall. Merinus didn’t have time to think and Callan didn’t make her beg. The moment her back touched the mattress he was moving over her, his lips taking hers, his tongue plunging forcefully into her mouth. He tasted so good. Eagerly, her tongue mated with his, the spicy taste of his mouth easing the incredible pain of lust that gripped her body. Like a drug addict in the first seconds of her ‘fix’, her body began to ease, the harsh contractions in her stomach to lessen. But she wasn’t taking chances. Her hands gripped his hair, holding him to her as his mouth devoured her. Lips and tongue mated with hers, hard, hungry, her response urging him closer, urging the kiss deeper.

His arms went around her, blunt nails scraping along her back as she arched to him, her nude body

twisting closer, desperate to mate every cell in their bodies together. His hard chest, with its fine sprinkling of golden brown hair rasped her nipples, engorging them to the point of pain. Powerful thighs parted hers, a hand at her back moved to cup her breast, and still he kissed her. He licked at her lips, nibbled at them, drew her tongue into his mouth and sucked at it before teaching her to do the same. More of the incredible taste of him. She arched closer, the bare flesh of her cunt jerking against the long, hot thickness of his erection as it lay against the soft flesh.

“So good,” he whispered against her lips, the rumble of pleasure that echoed through his chest making her shiver. “Your kiss, Merinus, the taste of you, is exquisite.”

“So taste more,” she gasped, her head arching back as that rough, rasping tongue stroked over her neck.

Oh, that was good. Real good. Hot, with a gentle abrasion that had her panting as he moved slowly to her breasts.

“Don’t tease me,” she begged, twisting in the grip of an erotic heat that was burning her alive. “Take me, Callan. I can’t stand it much longer.”

“I want to taste you first,” he bit out, his tongue licking her breasts, his lips nibbling sporadically. “I want to bury my mouth in your cunt, Merinus. The smell of your heat is starving me for you.”

His hand moved to her abdomen, stroking its way to her parted thighs. She almost screamed when his fingers, thick and hot entered the narrow, soaked slit of her pussy. She opened her eyes, seeing his grimace of pleasure, the raw lust that transformed his face. Then in amazement she saw his arm lift, his hand moving to his mouth.

Two fingers glistened with the frothy cream of her body. She whimpered as he took them into his mouth, his eyes darkening on a sigh of ecstasy as he tasted her. His lashes lowered, becoming heavy with sexuality, his lips were fuller, his face tense, tight with the needs that surged through his body as well.

“You taste as delicate as spring, as hot as summer,” his rough whisper sounded tortured. “I have never tasted anything so good, Merinus.”

“Oh, hell. You like to talk,” she moaned. “Oh God, I never could stand that in movies. It’s too sexy, Callan.”

He smiled, the curve of his lips tight.

“I want you to know how hot and sweet your body is, Merinus,” he told her darkly, moving, edging lower along her body. “I want to tell you how I’m about to lick that sweet cunt of yours, eat that delicate cream from your body.”

Her hips jerked involuntarily to the rough growl in his words, as well as the words themselves.

“Ask me to eat you,” he demanded roughly. “Say the words for me, Merinus.”

“Oh, God.” Her eyes widened as his face poised over the desperate, aching part of her body. He was watching her heatedly, his eyes glittering, savage, hot.

“Say the words for me,” he repeated. “Give me permission to devour you.”

Merinus licked her lips, panting hard as he spread her legs further, his fingers barely glancing over the moisture glazed flesh.

“Yes,” she moaned, shaking, desperate for the touch. “Eat me, Callan. Please lick me. Lick me now—”

Her head fell back, a hard shudder wracking her body.

His tongue rasped through the slit of her lips from bottom to top. Slow, sliding, erotically rough and so hot she felt her flesh melting. His hard hands gripped her thighs, holding them apart when she would have clenched them around his head.

“Mmm,” his low moan of pleasure vibrated against her clit. She felt the small bud throb, beg. Merinus gasped for breath as he licked her, his tongue dipping into the tight entrance of her vagina, swirling around, gathering more and more of her taste as his heated growls of pleasure echoed against her body.

She was mindless now. She could feel the sensations building, her skin tingling, the pressure increasing in her clit as he stroked around it, over it, sucked it lightly into his mouth.

“Oh yes, suck it.” The shocking words erupting from her mouth did little to dim the haze of need sucking her in, as his mouth sipped at her flesh. “Oh yes, Callan. Yes. Just like that,” she was almost screaming now as he suckled her clit deeper, harder. “Please. Oh please—”

It was building in her. Her body tightened involuntarily, every bone and muscle in her reaching for his mouth, the hot draw of his lips, the moist wash of his tongue. It was killing her, killing her with pleasure, building, increasing. She could feel her heart struggling to keep up with the demands her arousal was placing on it. It beat hard and fast, bursting through her veins, a pleasure in and of itself. Then one hard male finger slid past the soft folds of skin. His mouth suckled her clit faster, his finger pushing inside her, filling her, burning her.

She heard her scream as the pleasure burst inside her. Desperate, hard, her hips bucked and she felt herself dying. Her climax was like a tidal wave, tearing through her, heaving her body, shaking it, shuddering through it, destroying her as she held tight to his hair, praying for some anchor to hold her to earth. It was never ending. Hot pulsing relief spasmed through her cunt, causing it to grip tighter about his plunging finger, soak his hand, her thighs with a rush of liquid that would have terrified her at any other time.

Then his mouth was there, devouring the release, his tongue plunging into her vagina, building the pleasure again as the sandpapery texture of that organ rasped her tender flesh.

“I’m going to fuck you first,” he growled, his body moving powerfully, his hands lifting her as the thick head of his cock lodged against the entrance to her vagina. “I’m going to fuck you until you scream again, Merinus. Over and over. Scream for me, baby.”

She screamed. One hard thrust buried the thick, steel hard erection into her body to the hilt. She felt his scrotum slap against her buttocks, watched his hard face twist into a grimace of sublime pleasure, his eyes closed, his body arched, tight, tense.

Callan fought for breath, for control. She was so tight and hot around his cock, her muscles gripping him like a slick, velvety fist. Control. He had to fight for control. He could control the raging lust beating at him, demanding a hard, fierce ride. She was tossing beneath him, her hips bucking, driving him harder into the soft flesh of her cunt, grinding against him.

Gritting his teeth, he eased back, wanting to scream himself at the incredible pleasure from the friction of her flesh against his. His cock was so sensitive it was nearly unbearable. He could feel the small barb-like protrusion emerging from beneath the head of his cock, slowly, unfolding from its former hiding place. He prayed. He prayed to a God he had once doubted that it would bring her no harm. That the once inactive portion of his cock, the small, curved, hard protrusion would not bring her harm. Because there was no way he could stop.

She squirmed beneath him, fighting for breath, her body damp with perspiration, her female honey coating her inner thighs, as well as his. He thrust inside the tight depths of her body, groaning on every stroke at the tight heat clasping him, the sensitive swell of the barb raking her tender flesh, driving him insane with the pleasure it washed over his body.

He gritted his teeth against the sensations as he braced his body over Merinus’. She was bucking against him, her head twisting against the sheets of the bed, arching desperately, begging now for release.

“Callan—” Her plea was a hard gasp, a breathless moan as her hands went to his shoulders, her nails biting into his skin.

His sharp growl at the added sensation surprised him. He felt his cock swell, pulse. He drove against her harder, deeper, one hard hand spanning her hip as he held her still, the other under her shoulders, arching her breasts to his devouring mouth. He couldn’t get enough of her. Her nipple was hard, succulent, the grip on his cock tightened each time he drew on it.

She was getting close. So damned close. And so was he. He could feel the white hot fingers of fire moving down his spine now, the swelling of the barb, the lengthening of the tiny hard membrane. Then all hell broke loose. He slammed inside her, deep, hard, as he felt the membrane extend fully, felt it rake across the silken flesh of her vaginal walls, the area of the elusive g-spot. It lodged there, causing his thrusts to become hard jerks in fear of tearing her, hurting her. But the pleasure. The pleasure was unlike anything he had ever known. It wrapped over the head of his erection like tiny fingers of paradise, at the same time he heard Merinus scream. Her body arched, her eyes widened, she stared at him in dazed, wild hunger for a second before her orgasm hit. She clenched around him, the action making her so tight and hot he could do nothing but follow her. His guttural growl as he felt the harsh ejaculations into her body shocked him.

The barb, so feared for so many years, destroyed his sense of balance. He could feel it moving, stroking the sensitive spot it had lodged in, each movement had Merinus crying out, jerking, tightening, her orgasms lengthening as he came inside her. She was breathing hard, crying now, her head tossing with the extremity of her pleasure before his own began to ease, and he felt the little protrusion recede, allowing him to pull weakly from her body.

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