“Ed, put my cock in her mouth.” Trevor watched as Edgard painted the outline of her lips with the wet tip. Chassie’s breath drifted over the sensitive head for a couple of heartbeats. And then his shaft was gliding into her warm, wet mouth, “Sweet Jesus that feels good.”

Edgard waited several strokes until Chassie’s mouth was wet enough that she could fully take Trevor’s shaft. On the next pass, he didn’t let her retreat. He held her head in place, her lips pressed against Trevor’s groin, his dick filling her throat. “Swallow,” Edgard commanded. “You know how he likes it.”

Chassie’s eyes remained on Trevor’s as her throat muscles worked him. And worked him again. And again.

“Beautiful,” Trevor murmured and reached down to caress the hollow of her cheek. “You’re so perfect in every way. I’m so lucky to have you.”

Her eyes fluttered closed and she sighed as she released his cock and started sliding her mouth up and down his shaft.

Then Edgard was unbuttoning Trevor’s shirt and tugging it to his elbows. His hands skated across Trevor’s torso. Stopping to tease all the hot spots that drove him wild. He hissed with pleasure when Edgard pinched his nipple the same time Chassie’s teeth scraped the underside of his cockhead. His lovers knew him well. Knew how to make him shudder and moan. Knew how to make his knees weak and his head spin.

Knew how to make him feel loved.

What they brought to each other like this, stripped down, vulnerable—nothing to hide behind—was love in its purest form.

Warm lips followed the cup of his shoulder to the sweet spot behind his ear. Another pair of warm lips circled the thick tip of his cock. They built a rhythm together and used it without pause to drive him to the brink.

As much as Trevor wanted to close his eyes and lose himself in these erotic sensations, he kept his eyes on his wife. Kept his left hand on her face and his right hand gripped Edgard’s hip. Needing to stay connected in the moment. Because any moment he’d fly apart.


“Trev, let go. We’ve got you,” Edgard said against his nape, his heated breath raising gooseflesh.

“Feels too damn good,” he said gruffly.

“This is only the appetizer, meu amor.” He ground his erection into the cleft of Trevor’s ass.

Trevor turned his head and Edgard caught his lips in a flirty kiss. His mind blanked to everything except the hardness of Edgard’s body against his and the softness of Chassie’s hair wrapped in his fist. The fast, wet, suctioning pulls of her mouth on his dick. The nips and bites on the back of his neck and shoulder. He couldn’t hold back any longer.


He started to come; ass tight, balls tight, teeth gritted. That first blast of heat shot up his dick into Chassie’s sucking mouth. She swallowed each burst, her eyes locked to his. On the last spurt, she parted her lips and let his cock slide free, a satisfied smile on her face as she tongued the sensitive tip.

His entire body twitched. “Christ, woman. That was...”

“Trevor speechless. I like that.” She pushed to her feet and kissed the tattoo on his left pectoral. “That was fun. What’s next?”

“What do you want?”

Her gaze darted to Edgard and then back to him. “I want to watch Ed fuck you.”

Trevor wiped come from the corner of her mouth with his thumb. “You do get off on that.”

“So do you.”

“So do I.” Edgard brought Trevor’s thumb to his mouth and licked it clean with such long, sensual strokes that Trevor’s dick stirred again.

“But that’s really what you want?” Trevor prompted Chassie.

“Yep.” She stood on tiptoe and kissed him. “Since you brought vibrators, I can get myself off like two or three times while I’m watching.” She smirked and tugged off his shirt. “But I do ask that bein’s we’re not limited to the bedroom since our children aren’t around, that you don’t come quickly. Or quietly. I wanna hear you. Both of you.”

“God, I love you.” Trevor wrapped himself around her and kissed with heat and heart, with soul kisses that showed her that she owned him, body and soul.

Edgard retreated and gave them the moment.

When they broke apart, he grinned and pushed her on the bed. “Vibrators are fine. But this first go I’m getting you off with my mouth.”

She laughed. “Like I’m gonna argue with that.”

Trevor shoved her thighs apart and dove in, growling at the sweet taste of her. “I love that you’re so wet after blowing me.”

Chassie arched when he jammed his tongue inside her deep. She writhed when he pushed his thumb into her pussy so he could insistently tongue her clit. Little whips, first soft and slow, and then hard and fast. Sucking kisses. Firm-lipped bites.

The way her body vibrated he knew she teetered on the edge. He enclosed that swollen nub between his lips and lashed it with his tongue until she came in a wet rush, all over his face.

Trevor eased back. Kissing the insides of her thighs. Brushing his mouth between her hipbones. “Chass?”

“Hang on. Let me get my brain back online.”

He laughed. He stood and ran his hands down the lean length of her body. “Take your time.”

“But not too much time,” Edgard said from the doorway.

A shudder worked down Trevor’s body at the hungry look on Edgard’s face.

“Why you still wearing clothes?” Trevor asked.

“Got distracted watching you two.”

Chassie pushed up on her elbows and looked at Edgard. “Since Ed’s the only one dressed, I think he oughta give us a strip tease.”

“You heard her.”

“Bein’ a mite bossy for a man I’m about to bend over a chair and fuck hard.”

Trevor crossed his arms over his chest. “I’ll act submissive if it’ll get you nekkid faster.”

Edgard flashed a predatory smile. “You bein’ submissive to me won’t be an act.” He unsnapped the pearl buttons one at a time until his entire chest was exposed. He shrugged out of the shirt, letting it flutter to the floor. He turned on his heel and walked into the living room.

Behind him he heard the bed squeak and the crack of skin on flesh, followed by Chassie’s yelp. Yeah, he’d wanted to smack that smooth butt of hers too.

He paused between the coffee table and the recliner. When Chassie and Trevor appeared, he pointed to the chair. “That’s where you are, sweet Chass.”

“Cool. No matter where you guys end up, I’ve got a front row seat.” Her tits bounced nicely when she dropped in the chair. “Ooh and you already set the vibrators out. Thoughtful.”

“I try.” Edgard sat on the edge of the coffee table and stretched his legs out. “How about you get on your knees…” He grinned. “And start by takin’ my boots off?”

Trevor ambled over and dropped to his knees. He cupped his palm beneath the heel of Edgard’s right boot and tugged. He threw the boot behind him and reached for Edgard’s left foot. One tug and that boot joined the other. Socks were next. Then Trevor crawled between his legs. He placed his hands beside Edgard’s on the coffee table and got in Edgard’s face. “Do I gotta ask permission before I kiss you?”

“You just did.”

“God I love this mouth. I can’t get enough of it.” Trevor’s lips were soft and yielding, not at all the brutal, impatient kiss Edgard had expected. As Trevor continued to blow his mind with the seductive glide of lips on lips, his hands went to Edgard’s belt. He unbuckled and unzipped him without changing the dreamy quality of the kiss.

Trevor eased his lips back to say, “Lift your hips.”

Edgard pressed upward, his pelvis bumping into Trevor’s.

Trevor dragged Edgard’s jeans down and off. He hooked his fingers into Edgard’s boxer briefs and pulled them off. “Guess I like stripping you better than you stripping for me.”

“That works.” Edgard’s breath caught when Trevor’s callused hands roamed over his chest and belly while that hot mouth attacked his left nipple, stopping to trace the tattoo on his left pectoral. He chanced a quick look at Chassie to see she’d started stroking herself.

Trevor sucked and bit and used his skilled tongue on Edgard’s upper body, knowing the places that made him moan, made him hard and made him beg. Keeping his sexy blue-eyed gaze on Edgard’s, he kissed down his torso. He stopped when the wet tip of Edgard’s cock bumped his chin. “Tell me what you want.”

“Take me deep in your throat and hold me there. Like I had Chassie do to you.”

A half-growl rumbled from Trevor a second before he sucked Edgard’s cock into his mouth. Each bob of Trevor’s head pulled the shaft deeper. The tip bumping his soft palate, gliding back over his tongue and teeth, then past the gag reflex until his full lips circled the root of Edgard’s cock. “I love it when you’re on your knees and my dick is buried in your mouth.”

Trevor swallowed in response.

Edgard groaned. “Again.”

He complied. Then he released Edgard’s cock slowly. “Scoot to the edge.”

The instant Edgard moved, Trevor sucked Edgard’s sac. That deep suctioning tug caused Edgard to moan. Then that wicked tongue slipped down and back to lap at his asshole. “Jesus.”

“You love this.” Trevor teased the pucker with wet swirls before pushing his tongue into the hole, fucking him with short jabs.

“God. Damn.”

Trevor slid his hands up Edgard’s thighs. “Turn around and brace your hands on the coffee table. I need a better angle.”

Edgard stood on shaking legs, widening his stance as Trevor grabbed hold of each butt cheek, squeezing and caressing as he tongued him straight to heaven.

“You two should see how hot you look during a rim job. So fuckin’ sexy. Gets me off every time.” The buzz of the vibrator got louder.