No. Not now.

Jack had switched into a pushup position, his pelvis grinding against her clit on every thrust, knowing that set her off.

But instead of an outstanding orgasm, Keely watched in silent horror as milk shot out of her nipples and coated Jack’s chest. Milk dripped back onto her even as more milk squirted out.

He stopped moving.

She’d immediately clapped her palms over her breasts to try and stop the spray.

Omigod omigod omigod this can’t be happening repeated on a loop in her brain. Her entire body flushed with mortification. “Get off me.”


“I said get off me right now!” She shoved him at him.

Jack pushed upright. “Keely? What’s—”

She rolled off the bed and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.


Locking the door behind her.

Keely stepped into the shower and cranked it on cold, standing under the spray despite her chattering teeth, hoping the shock of icy water would shut down her milk ducts.

Don’t you mean your udders?

Some days she felt like nothing but a milk machine. And she really had become one tonight. A faulty one, spewing milk all over her husband. While they’d finally been...

She shuffled away from the streaming water, pressed her forehead to the shower wall and sobbed.

Was this really how it’d go? She couldn’t even have sex with her husband because if she orgasmed she’d do her Bessie the milk cow imitation all over him?

Despite the frigid temp of the shower, her cheeks still burned with shame.

Would Jack look at her breasts warily? Would he even touch them again?

She cried harder. Feeling such a sense of loss.

The water shut off.


“I locked the goddamned door for a reason, Jack. Go away.”

“No.” His warm body covered hers. “At first I thought I’d hurt you when I’d picked up the pace.”

She shook her head. Made her feel even worse that he thought he’d hurt her and she’d just left him there.

“I’m not going anywhere. So if you want to stand here naked in the shower all night, that’s what we’ll do.”

She hunched her back away from him.

His mouth skated along the slope of her shoulder. “But I’d really like to finish what we started.”

“I already gave you one milk bath,” she snapped. “You wanna go for two?”

“Absolutely. If it means I get to be inside you.” He nipped the section of skin on her nape that made her knees buckle. “If it means I get to touch you, and look into your eyes so you see how much I love touching you. See how much I love you.”

Keely sniffled. “You are such a smooth-talking bastard.”

“Guilty. But that’s how you like me best. Will you turn around and look at me please?”

As soon as she did Jack was in her face.

“This kind of shit happens. And baby, we are married. We’re immune to each other’s bodily functions. So why did you freak out?”

“Because it’s embarrassing. And probably makes you never wanna touch my tits again.”

He cupped her breasts. “Wrong. I love your tits. It’s just right now they’ve got a bigger purpose than entertaining me.” He stroked his thumb over her nipple and she hissed. “See? You’re sore from nursing. I tried not to rub against them because I won’t add to your pain with something that’s supposed to give you pleasure. I’ll wait my turn until Piper is done with them.” He ran his fingers along her collarbone and up her neck. “There are lots of other places on your body I love to touch besides your tits. I could show you if you’d like, sexy wife.”

Keely started to cry again.

A panicked look crossed his face. “What did I say?”

“Exactly the perfect thing.” She placed her hand over his heart. “How did I get so lucky that you fell in love with me? And you’re still with me after my random bouts of craziness?”

He gave her a gentle, loving kiss as her answer.

She rested her forehead against his chest. “Sorry I ruined our sexy time.”

“You didn’t. We just had a break in the activities. Which is a good thing because my stamina sure isn’t what it was two months ago.”

“I don’t care.”

“So let’s pick up where we left off, right here in the shower. That way if it happens again, we won’t care. We’ll already be wet.”

Keely reached behind him and turned the water on.

Jack yelped when the cold hit his back.

But the water heated up. So did the kisses and the frantic touches between them.

Jack grabbed her ass and urged, “Jump up.” Then he pressed her against the wall, using his body strength to hold hers in place. He locked his burning gaze to hers and impaled her. “God I love the look in your eyes when I do that.”

“So do it some more.” She raked her nails down his back. “And then do it some more again. Because we have a lot of time to make up for.”

Two months Piper’s four-month checkup

“I hate bringing her to the doctor with all these sick people around,” Jack said after they’d checked in at the clinic.

“Just keep the cover over her carrier and no one will bug her.” But Keely chose seats in the corner just to be safe.

“Are you going to work tomorrow?”

“If I feel better.” She’d caught a nasty flu bug in the last week that’d knocked her flat. Luckily she hadn’t passed it on to either Piper or Jack. She’d made light of it, but it worried her because it’d lingered longer than normal.

Jack flipped through a parenting magazine before setting it aside with a sigh. “You sure you’ll be okay while I’m gone? Because I can postpone the trip.”

She grabbed his hand. “We’ll be fine. We’ll miss you, but our work lives didn’t end just because we have a baby.” Keely had returned to her rehab clinic last month. Two days a week she took Piper to work with her and on the full schedule days, Piper went to the daycare at Sky Blue, which should be renamed McKay daycare, since nearly all the kids were family members.

“I’m just having a harder time than I thought leaving you guys.”

“Well, we are pretty damn cool.”

Jack lifted a dark eyebrow.

“Pretty darn cool,” she amended. They’d been trying to clean up their language around Piper, figuring it’d take them both two years to get a handle on it.

“Piper Donohue?” the nurse called out.

Jack picked up the carrier and they followed the nurse through the maze leading to the examination rooms.

After they were settled, Doc Monroe poked her head in. “I’m running behind today guys, if you want to see Griffin the PA, I’d understand.”

“We’ll wait,” Jack said.

“Maybe you should run a flu test on me while we’re waiting.”

Doc Monroe came all the way into the room and scrutinized Keely. “Did you get a flu shot this year?”


“Typical flu symptoms?”

“Nausea. Headaches. I throw up, which is weird because I don’t eat much. I’m clammy then I’m hot. Tired.”

“How long has it been going on?”

“Over a week,” Keely admitted and shot an apologetic look at her husband.

“We’ll run tests so if you test positive we can offer Piper and Jack preventative treatment. I’ll get you to the lab.”

Keely had a blood sample taken. A urine sample taken. The worst one was the nose mucus sample. She slipped back into the exam room and sat next to Jack, who’d—big surprise—taken Piper out of her carrier and was holding her.

Piper grinned and kicked her feet at seeing her mama. Their daughter was beyond adorable—however she looked nothing like Keely or Jack with her dark red hair and big green eyes.

“Hey, beautiful girl. Those smiles are gonna disappear when they come in and stick you with needles.”

“How many shots does she get today?” Jack asked.

“Three, I think.” She rested her head on his shoulder. “I’m gonna miss you, GQ. Hurry back.”

“I will. But you could give me something to remember you by tonight.”

She lifted her head. “When did you start taking testosterone? Because you are as horny as a teenage boy lately.”

Jack kissed her, sweet and slow and deep. “What can I say? My wife is smoking hot.” He kissed her again. “Guys complain about their wives losing interest in sex after having a baby. But what do any of them do to fix it? If it’s important it’ll be a priority. It’ll always be a priority for me. For us.”

“I love that about you.”

Another forty minutes passed and Keely was ready to climb the walls, even when Piper was content to sit on Daddy’s lap and coo and babble at him.

Finally Doc Monroe swept in. “Sorry. Jack, why don’t you get little miss stripped to her diaper so I can check her out.” Then she looked at Keely and smirked. “Good news? Negative for flu. The other good news? You’re pregnant.” She set a big bottle of prenatal vitamins on the counter. “Congratulations.”

“What?” Keely and Jack said simultaneously. “But how can that be?”

“What birth control measures were you using?”

“Well, none, but—”

Doc Monroe lifted her hand. “Please do not tell me you listened to that old wives tale about not being able to get pregnant while you’re nursing.”

Keely blushed. Then she whapped Jack on the arm. “I cannot believe you knocked me up again, Jack Donohue.”

“Look at it this way. It’s another first in the McKay family with your Irish twins.” At Jack and Keely’s blank looks, she clarified, “Two babies born within a calendar year.”

Jack grinned and Keely whapped his arm again.