Forward pass.

He lets out a groan of desire when he feels how much I want him and finds my lips, sinking his tongue into my mouth at the same time one of his fingers pushes inside of me. I whimper into his mouth and wrap my arms tightly around his shoulders as his finger begins working slowly in and out of me. As I rock my hips against his hand, his finger pushes in deeper and the heel of his hand bumps against my clit each time I thrust forward. I feel myself losing control and my legs start to shake as I move faster and faster and his hand pushes in deeper and harder. He swallows all of my cries against his lips as I race to the edge. I can feel it building quickly as he works me over with his finger. I’ve never come this quickly in my life. I’ve never thrown caution to the wind and just let go. Everything I do is carefully thought out and planned. This is insanity. My orgasm is right there, just beyond my reach, but my brain is starting to interfere and I pull my mouth away from Griffin’s, letting my head thump back against the wall with my eyes squeezed shut.

His hand stills with his finger pushed as far as it will go inside of me. I feel his lips against my ear a second later and his warm breath washes over me as his thumb circles around and around my clit, ever so gently.

I let out a gasp and a low moan when tingles of pleasure shoot through me once again and I buck my hips roughly against his hand.

“Let go, Kennedy, just let go,” he whispers against my ear.

His thumb moves faster, back and forth, bringing me right back to the edge and when I feel him curl his finger inside of me, I tumble over, clutching him against me as I cry out through my release and the crowd outside once again starts cheering.


This is the orgasm to end all orgasms and I don’t know if it’s because it’s Griffin who’s giving it to me, because I’m doing something so out of character, or a little bit of both.

“Ride it out, baby,” he tells me softly as another shout and round of applause is heard from out in the yard and he pushes a second finger inside me.

Two point conversion.


His fingers are stretching me and prolonging my orgasm until I feel like it’s never going to end. I never want it to end and I continue to whimper and gasp as the waves of pleasure just keep coming and coming.

I can’t catch my breath and I don’t even care. My hips keep moving and his fingers keep pumping inside of me until the pleasure eventually trickles away. Griffin kisses me softly on the lips as he pulls his fingers out of me and my leg falls limply from around his waist.

Holy Jesus. Who knew that coming along with a football game could be so amazing? More people should try this.

I feel his body move away from mine and I slowly open one eye to see him adjusting himself in his jeans.

I’ve never been much for blowjobs, but right now, there’s nothing else I can think of except sinking down to my knees and taking him in my mouth.

“If you don’t stop looking at me like that, I’m going to fuck you up against that wall,” Griffin warns me.

I’ve also never been too keen on dirty talk, but thank God I’m not standing. My knees wouldn’t have held me. I shift my gaze from his crotch to his face and see that he’s completely serious. His hands are clenched into fists at his sides and it looks like it’s taking everything in him not to rip my towel off me and make good on his threat.

Yes, please.

Without giving it a second thought, I reach up between my breasts and tug on the edge of the towel tucked there, causing the whole thing to fall off me and land at my feet on the floor.

“Oops,” I whisper.

I watch as Griffin’s mouth drops open and the bulge between his legs grows bigger.

He takes a step toward me right as the bathroom door bursts open and slams against the opposite wall, my brother Bobby standing there with a look of horror on his face. Bobby moved in with my dad after his last tour of duty so he could figure out what he wants to do with his life in between tours. Obviously he’s now wishing he lived somewhere else.

I scream, Bobby screams, and Griffin dives to the ground to retrieve my towel, bringing it up in front of me and turning his back to give me cover.

“OH, JESUS, MY EYES! I CAN NEVER UNSEE THIS!” Bobby screams, covering his face with both of his hands, turning around and running blindly down the hall.

“BOBBY, WHAT THE HELL?” I yell. “The door was locked, you idiot!”

Securing the towel back around myself, I can feel my face heating up with embarrassment, all of the euphoria from moments ago long gone. There’s a loud “Ooof!” that comes from the hallway followed by Lorelei’s voice.

“Bobby, what are you doing? Take your hands off your eyes.”

“The lock is broke. Oh, Jesus, the lock is broke. WHY, GOD, WHY?”

Lorelei peeks her head around the doorway and her eyes widen in surprise when she sees Griffin and me.

“Oh my,” she mutters.

“Help,” I manage to squeak out as I stare at her over Griffin’s shoulder.

Lorelei’s head disappears back into the hallway and I hear her console Bobby, who mumbles about how he can’t make his feet move because he’s blind.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Bobby whines from the hallway.

“In with the good air, out with the bad,” Lorelei coaches him.

“Oh, for the love of God,” I grumble. “Will you people just leave and go back outside!”

“Bobby! Where the hell is the beer?” I hear my dad yell up from the bottom of the stairs and then the unmistakable sound of him stomping up them.

Jesus. How about we just invite the whole damn neighborhood up here so they can see me half naked and post-orgasmic?

“What the hell happened to you?” I hear my dad ask Bobby from the stairway as Griffin turns around to face me.

“Things that can never be unseen. Bad things,” Bobby mumbles.

I stare straight at Griffin’s chest, refusing to look at him.

“Where’s Kennedy? Is she done washing meat off herself yet? Quit blocking the hallway. I need her help,” Dad complains.

“Kennedy and Griffin are in there…talking. They need to talk. You know, just talk. About…things,” Lorelei explains to my father.

Great. Miss Powerhouse Attorney can’t even form a coherent thought right now.

Bobby makes a gagging noise out in the hallway and if I were fully clothed right now I would go out there and kick his ass.

“Goddammit,” Bobby moans, followed immediately by the sound of a smack, which I’m assuming is from my father’s hand connecting with the back of Bobby’s head.

“Griffin Crawford, you better be wearing protection while you talk to my daughter. Kennedy, we’re out of dip and Steve Henderson just puked in the shrubs. Get dressed and come help,” my dad yells before he stomps back down the steps.

“Come on, Bobby, let’s get you some fresh air,” Lorelei states as I hear her dragging him down the stairs.

When the front door slams shut a few seconds later, Griffin laughs and I finally glance up at him to give him a dirty look.

“This isn’t funny,” I hiss at him.

“It’s pretty funny,” he chuckles. “Can we cancel the bet and just tell everyone we’re dating?”

Is he out of his mind? One orgasm does NOT equal dating. And the bet was HIS idea. I am seeing this shit through to the bitter end. I don’t date. Especially not someone who throws out a line about wanting me for eighteen years in the middle of a make-out session. I don’t want to date him, I don’t want to fall in love with him, and I don’t want him professing his stupid crush. I don’t need this complication in my life. Thank you for the wonderful orgasm, but I’m done. Seacrest, out!

“We are NOT dating. And this bet isn’t over until I win,” I growl at him as I shoulder past him and out the door, my bare feet smacking angrily on the floor as I stomp across the hall to the spare bedroom and the extra clothes I keep there for emergencies.

“You should just concede now, Kennedy. You’re never going to win!” Griffin yells to me as I walk into the bedroom and slam the door behind me.

GD cocky man and his mind-blowing orgasms.


Pour me a mother. I mean, pour me another,” I slur as I hold my wine glass out to Lorelei and watch in fascination as the golden liquid splashes into my glass.

“It’s so pretty,” I whisper, bringing the glass to my mouth and taking a big sip.

It’s Monday night, two days after the bathroom debacle. I spent the last two days looking up any and all information I could find on McFadden. Luckily, Alex decided to keep the girls for a few days so I’ve had the house all to myself. I spent every waking moment pouring over every single thing I could find on him from his elementary school grade cards to his most recent STD test. He sucked at math, but at least he doesn’t have VD. I’ve been to every hangout he’s ever been seen at and talked to every contact I have on the street and no one has seen him. I’m losing my touch. Why the hell is it suddenly so hard to find this tool? He’s popped up where I’ve been twice and my informants have spotted him all over the place, but now, nothing. No one has seen or heard from him in two days. I am totally off my game and there is only one person to blame for that.

“Okay, so tell us again, in detail,” Paige demands as she grabs the bottle of wine from Lorelei and tops off her own glass.

After not hearing from me for two days, the girls staged an intervention and showed up at my house this evening with enough wine to stock two shelves in my fridge. I’m not a wine drinker; I prefer beer. But since they were the ones buying, I couldn’t be picky.

Why didn’t anyone tell me wine is so delicious?

Tucking my feet under me on the couch, I feel myself start to sway back and forth and some of the wine from my glass sloshes onto my jeans.

“He has magical fingers, did I mention that part already?” I ask the girls.

“Yes, you’ve mentioned his magic digits several times. Get to the good part, for God’s sake. Tell me you saw his penis,” Paige demands.

“You don’t have to answer that,” Lorelei states firmly as she takes a sip of bottled water. Lorelei has a one-drink minimum. I’ve never seen her drunk. I think it’s physically impossible for her to get drunk.

“She most certainly DOES have to answer that. I haven’t seen a penis in months. I need to live vicariously through her,” Paige argues.

“I did not have sexual relations with that man,” I say in my best Bill Clinton voice. “I also did not get to see the peen.”

Paige boos and hisses at my announcement and Lorelei rolls her eyes.

“Okay, so there’s been a little bit of a setback with winning this bet. He’s obviously trying to distract you with sex. We need to come up with a new plan of attack.”

I blink a few times to get Lorelei’s face into focus and see her sitting there tapping her finger against her lips while she thinks.

What if she’s right? What if all of this was just a ruse to sidetrack me so he could take down McFadden? The kisses, the proclamation, the orgasm…it was all part of his evil master plan. I’ve been so flustered and distracted that I’m not thinking clearly and can’t find a guy who should be easier to track down than this. It should have never taken me this long to catch a bail jumper.


I jump up from the couch and throw my arms up in the air, forgetting the full glass of wine I still have in my hand as it spills all over the floor and coffee table and splashes on Paige’s shoes.

“NOT MY JIMMY CHOOS!!!!” Paige screams.

Reaching for the wine bottle on the coffee table, I stick it right in front of her face. “Here, drink this and don’t think about the shoes.”

Paige sniffles and takes a sip of wine from her glass and then tips back the wine bottle and starts chugging.

“Oh my God, you do NOT chug a one-hundred-and-fifty-dollar bottle of Domaine Leflaive Chardonnay!” Lorelei shouts as she yanks the bottle away from Paige’s lips.

“Lorelei, fire up the Batmobile. We’re going on a field trip,” I tell her as she glares at Paige.

“Yes!” Paige shouts as she gets up from the couch and wraps her arms around me.

“What? No. Absolutely not. We are not going anywhere.”

Paige and I look at each other and all of the wine I’ve consumed makes it perfectly acceptable that she’s hugging me and in my personal space.

“Where are we going? Will there be penises?” she whispers with her chin on my shoulder.

“No, no penises. Better.”

“Better than penises? I don’t understand,” Paige replies.

“We’re going to my dad’s office to fuck up Griffin’s world,” I inform her with an evil smile on my face.

“Okay, not that I’m condoning this nonsense, but how is going to your dad’s office going to affect Griffin in any way?” Lorelei asks as she sets the bottle of wine down.

“Because, my dear, Griffin has a desk at my dad’s office now. A desk and a computer. And files. And notes. Notes on whatever case he’s currently working on.”

“I still don’t get it. Will we see his penis there?” Paige questions.

I ignore Paige and stare directly at Lorelei. Lorelei hates men. Lorelei hates it that Griffin might be using me to get what he wants. I shush the nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that Griffin wants me. Lorelei will understand my need to do whatever I can to get the jump on him and win this bet. He can’t have me. I cannot be had!

She lets out a huge sigh and stares up at the ceiling for a few minutes before shaking her head at me.

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