Each time Cas thought he could take no more, Mirceo would laugh and move on to the next sight or sensation. Maddening me!

Horns flaring obscenely, Cas warned him, “You’re playing with fire.”

Mirceo grinned. “Good, I like the burn.”

Tunnel-visioned Cas couldn’t see anything but his mate. He felt like a slavering beast chasing a butterfly.

And like a beast, Cas wanted to devour every inch of Mirceo’s body. To make love to him. As his gaze roamed along the vampire’s throat, his fangs sharpened to leave their mark.

Mirceo traced them to a deserted balcony. The voyeuristic vampire often liked to observe debauchery from a vantage point.

Guiding Cas to sit on a couch, Mirceo settled himself across his lap with casual ease, as if they’d been a couple for millennia.

Mirceo removed his mask, then untied Cas’s. Together, they drank and watched other couples kissing and stroking each other.

Mirceo said, “You keep questioning my commitment, but do you miss hunting for a partner among all these beauties?”

Cas shook his head. When a lock of Mirceo’s jet-black hair tumbled over his forehead, he reached for it, rubbing the silky texture between his thumb and forefinger. In a gruff tone, he admitted, “I have a hard time even seeing others when you’re around.” Said the beast to the butterfly.

“Good answer,” Mirceo said. “It’s difficult to believe that you and I are here together. From my first glimpse of you, I lusted for more.”


“When did you know your feelings ran deeper?”

Mirceo blinked. “Deeper?”

Cas thumped his ear. “Prick.”

The vampire laughed.

Must taste those lips. The urge was undeniable. He leaned in and nipped Mirceo’s fuller bottom one, teasing the seam of them with his tongue. Threading his fingers through soft, black hair, Cas pulled him closer.

He took Mirceo’s mouth; he claimed it with a lover’s kiss. I need you so fucking much. I’ll be good to you, vampire. Just don’t hurt me. Though so many have tried, only you have the power to destroy me. . . .

When Cas drew back, Mirceo’s lids were heavy, his lips reddened. “This will be over before it starts, demon. I’ve never wanted anything as I want you.”

“And you always get what you want.”

“Maybe. But tonight, my wonderful friend, you are going to get what you need.”

“There’s no turning back after this, Mirceo.” As if they hadn’t already crossed the threshold. This next step had been inevitable since the day each had been born for the other.

“I understand. Speaking of which, do you have any qualms about fucking a male?” He took Cas’s hand, raising it to his mouth to suck the forefinger. Mirceo’s wicked tongue flicked it, wetting it. Then the vampire placed that finger at his nipple.

Cas’s breaths shallowed as he rubbed the hardened nub. “While you were passed out the other night, I explored your body, aching for everything I saw. I’ll show you how much tonight.” He gave a light pinch.

Mirceo went heavy-lidded. “Ah, so you’re officially bisexual. Now your desires aren’t as restricted.”

“On the contrary. I’m not attracted to anyone but you.”

The vampire gave him a knowing look. “Lots of people are Mircexual. You are not alone.”

Mircexual? Cas’s lips twitched. One thing he knew for certain—it would never be dull with this prince.

“Are you curious about spending? Demon, it’s so fucking good. Your balls get so heavy and sore.”

“I try to imagine what it will feel like.” Reality hit Cas. I’m going to spend my seed inside Mirceo’s body. Soon. “And you? Any qualms about what I’m going to do to you?”

Voice going low, Mirceo said, “Want to know a secret, sweetheart?”

His tone made Cas’s heartbeat speed up even more. “When you ask me like that, I’m not entirely sure.”


Playing with fire.

The demon had warned him, but Mirceo continued to push, waiting for the moment when his mate could no longer deny them what they both desperately needed.

He straddled Caspion, settling over the demon’s stiffened cock. Mirceo’s own shaft was so hard that the crown breached the waistband of his pants. “You’ll want to know this secret.” He leaned in to nuzzle Caspion’s neck, lazily licking and sucking his skin. The demon’s scent was all leather, his hectic pulse point teasing Mirceo’s tongue.

Unable to resist, he grazed a fang along his mate’s throat, drawing forth hot crimson. He moaned, “Your taste makes me insane.”

Caspion’s claws dug into his hips. “That’s your secret? Kind of figured that out.” The demon rocked him over his big rod, and Mirceo’s ass ached for it.

“Oh, yes. My secret . . . Even when I knew we were fated, I never craved being fucked per se. I wanted it because I believed it would bond us. But over the last few nights, I began to prepare myself for your size, and things changed. . . .”

Looking enraptured, the demon said hoarsely, “Prepare?”

“With lubricant and toys to open myself up for you.”

Caspion’s shaft jerked. “Gods, the visual . . .”

“The sensations were mind-blowing.” Mirceo grasped his hand again, sucking on the demon’s thumb, wetting it. Then Mirceo placed it on the bared crown jutting from his pants.