Caspion cut a line above his other nipple, drawing Mirceo to it as well. Repeating his suck, Mirceo grew nigh dizzy on the luscious wine offered to him.

“What would you do for my blood?” Caspion demanded, voice a low rumble.

Dazed, Mirceo whispered, “Anything.”

“You’d plead for it—just as you’d plead for me to fuck you. To give you my claiming bite.”

The idea of Caspion marking him got Mirceo even harder. “I’ll plead, if that’s what it takes. I need to be possessed by you.” He didn’t necessarily crave penetration, but he would make the most of it to have Caspion. Maybe Mirceo could eventually persuade him into receiving on occasion. “It’s just a matter of time, demon.” The longer Caspion waited, the more out of control he would grow. “Fate will only let you resist for so long.”

Clasping Mirceo’s nape, Caspion leaned down. “Shut up.” His firm lips took Mirceo’s, his pointed tongue seeking.

Mirceo met him, groaning into the kiss. The demon had to be able to taste the blood, but it didn’t cool his ardor. Caspion’s aggression was palpable—and mounting. He deepened the contact, owning this kiss until Mirceo’s knees went weak.

He dug his claws into the demon’s broad shoulders. Though Mirceo was a formidable Dacian, he felt like ivy clinging to an oak.

Just when he surrendered completely, the demon broke away. “Got me all twisted!” Caspion reached down to untie his pants. “I know better than to want you.” He shoved the leather down his thighs.

Mirceo had to clear his throat to speak. “But I was born for . . .” He trailed off, scenting a new source of blood.

Caspion pinched his chin, forcing him to look down. From a patch of silky blond curls, the demon’s thick rod strained toward Mirceo, as if offering itself up for a bite.


A narrow slice graced the length. Gods almighty! Would Caspion make him drink from his shaft?

Make me, Mirceo inwardly begged. Ah, for the love of gods, make me. He stared at his mate’s member, rapt, as blood pulsed along prominent veins and beaded atop that cut. The broad head was rose red, engorged with ever more blood.

I’ve never beheld anything so perfect. To feed from that font . . . ? Mirceo’s fangs throbbed.

Increasing the pressure on Mirceo’s head, Caspion said, “To your knees, princeling.”


Lust seething in his gray eyes, Mirceo dropped down. Cas had expected he’d go straightaway for the blood, but the vampire took his time.

Though Cas was in control, Mirceo wasn’t cowed. Smirking up at him, the prince rubbed his chiseled face against the other side of Cas’s shaft.

Gone dizzy with bliss, Cas choked out words: “Have you . . . ever sucked a cock before?”

Mirceo shook his head. “But fear not; I excel at my every endeavor.”

Cas thumped the arrogant vampire’s ear.

Laughing, Mirceo dipped to nurse on Cas’s balls.

“Fuck!” He bucked his hips for more.

With a grin, Mirceo tugged Cas’s length down to lick pre-cum from the tip. But then the joke was on Mirceo, because the taste obviously slayed the prince. When Mirceo’s eyes rolled back in his head, Cas thought he’d come spontaneously—

Groaning, the vampire engulfed Cas’s shaft into the wet heat of his mouth. He clawed Cas’s bare ass to drag him closer, flicking his clever tongue as he sucked.

Gripping Mirceo’s head, Cas forced his cock even deeper, but the vampire kept moaning for more. No one had ever swallowed so much of him! “Uhn! Take all of me.” Unable to stop himself, he thrust between Mirceo’s lips, fucking the prince’s mouth. Before Cas was ready, his balls drew up. Tremors climbed his spine, his toes curling.

Pulling back, Mirceo rasped, “Ah-ah. Not yet, lover.” He ripped open his own pants as he dipped the tip of his tongue into the slit.

Cas could only stare in disbelief. “You’re hungry for more?”

All blazing arrogance, Mirceo said, “Always. I am a spoiled prince.” He sank his fangs into Cas’s rigid flesh.

And the world spun.


The demon’s wine bathed his tongue. Struggling not to come from the sultry taste, Mirceo began to suck.

“Gods almighty!” Caspion groaned with pleasure. “Drink me. Drink me down.”

As Mirceo fed, he gazed up at this god of a male. Caspion was such a fierce warrior, an alpha to the core—but vulnerable. Despite kneeling at his feet, Mirceo still possessed power.

I’ll have all of you. One day. . . .

For now, he lost himself in Caspion’s lifeblood, his helpless reactions, his frenzied need. As the demon’s rod throbbed around his fangs, Mirceo dared not touch his own member, lest he spill at once.

The demon cast him a brows-drawn, lost look. “I’m going to come right on your tongue, vampire.”

Mirceo grasped Caspion’s heavy balls, tugging on them, drawing a yell from the demon. More pre-cum arose to mix with the blood.

Delectable . . . Mirceo was finished. He couldn’t withstand the pressure of his own seed ascending his shaft. He lowered a shaking hand, grasping himself.

A single jerk of his fist.

To the music of Caspion’s moans, he began to spend between the demon’s boots. As semen spurted across the sand, he snarled around Caspion’s cock, planting his fangs even deeper.

The demon growled, “The scent of your cum maddens me!” He started to culminate, his shaft pulsating in Mirceo’s hungry mouth. “You’ve ended me . . . ENDED ME!” He threw back his head and roared till the cave quaked around them.