Chasing his release, Cas thrust harder. “You’ve got me so twisted up inside!”

“Right before I came, I pierced my lip and sucked it for your blood. Because I’ll never get enough of it.” Mirceo’s head shot forward.

Fangs sank into Cas’s neck. “Ahhh!” Pleasure exploded. That bite ruled him, rocked him. His veins felt searing hot, his blood seething to be freed. “Enjoy it for the last time, leech—”

Mirceo sucked.

Cas’s eyes rolled back in his head. So . . . fucking . . . good.

The vampire snarled into his bite, lean body going tense.

Cas’s eyes widened when wet heat spurted over their cocks. “Uhn! Feel your hot cum!” Out of his mind, he fucked Mirceo’s tight, slippery grip. “I scent it!” Cas started to orgasm, his shaft jerking against Mirceo’s. “Coming . . . COMING!”

The vampire released his bite just as Cas threw back his head and bellowed to the night sky. “Yes, yes, YES!” Pulsations seized him. Again and again, he thrust to milk every last ounce of pleasure.

Bliss and wonder made Cas float.

Only the vampire kept him from drifting away.



After-shudders racked the demon’s powerful body.

Mirceo clutched him and experienced each one with him. Their breaths heaved in sync, their hearts pounding in rhythm.

His lids slid shut as he savored this closeness. These days, he wouldn’t be happy unless every part of him was in contact with every part of this stubborn demon. He wanted their limbs entangled, blood and cum shared.

With a last dazed groan, Caspion nuzzled Mirceo’s ear and neck, continuing to slowly thrust.

Mirceo’s member was hypersensitive, so he loosened his grip a degree, but the demon’s growl had him tightening his fingers again. With a grin, he murmured, “Shall I lick clean the mess I made down there, sweetheart?”

Tension stole over Caspion, the spell broken. Soon the demon would shove away from him, blasting accusations, denying the obvious.

Maybe Mirceo should make sure Caspion’s addiction matched his. When the demon pried himself away, Mirceo swiped his cockhead for his own seed. Time to give the demon a taste of what he’s missing. . . .

Hauling his pants up over his still-hard shaft, Caspion stumbled back against the wall, knees seeming to buckle.

Mirceo understood. When he’d been bloodtaking, his fangs must’ve been the only things holding him upright. Now he barely got his own pants in place.

Caspion slid down to sit, so Mirceo teleported over, straddling the demon’s lap. “Look at me, beautiful.” Mirceo curled a finger under his chin.

Resentment gleamed in Caspion’s stormy-blue eyes. “You won this round. What more do you want?”

“For you to think about one thing. If no other being in all the worlds is to lay claim to me but you, then what does that make me . . . ?”



Sly vampire! Mirceo had opened the door to that kind of thinking, giving a voice to Cas’s possessiveness.




As if Cas had spoken aloud, Mirceo said, “Uh-huh. Yours. Fate connected us, demon. Surrender to the pull.”


“Then give me one final kiss.” Mirceo leaned in and took Cas’s lips in a lazy, wet kiss.

Too weak to resist him. Last night, unfamiliar pathways in Cas’s brain and body had seemed to open for the first time. Tonight was no different. About to start the madness all over again, Cas tasted his own blood and something else, some delectable thread. . . .

He yanked his head away. “You prick!” He shoved Mirceo off him and traced to his feet. “You painted your lips with your cum, so I’d taste it?”

From his spot on the ground, Mirceo grinned, his eyes dancing. “Yes.”

“You want to take me over, to seep into me.”

Mirceo traced to stand. “As you’ve done to me.”

If the vampire was in fact his mate and Cas refused to claim him, his demon instincts would become more explosive, growing apace with his surging aggression. Already he felt out of control. Dangerous.

How had things devolved so quickly? In this realm, it’d only been months since they’d been laughing and reveling together—since Mirceo had read to him in the still of the morning.

Cas had changed; Mirceo . . . hadn’t.

The vampire had forced him into this situation. That prince had never experienced what it was like to have no choice, to be doomed to a single outcome.

To be helpless.

All of Cas’s actions had been directed toward one goal: to wield control over his own destiny. He’d had no choices when orphaned. Just to eat, he’d been forced to do things no child should ever contemplate. He’d had no choices when others had scorned him for his poverty.

Now Mirceo was hemming him in once more. Either the vampire had no clue what his tricks were doing to him—or the selfish prince just didn’t give a fuck.

Cas paced. “Tell me how to be rid of you.”

“I did. Claim my body, and if you still don’t want me, I vow to the Lore I’ll never bother you again.”

“That won’t happen,” Cas said, even as he wondered if he should simply take what Mirceo offered and lose his seal. Then he could find a female to have younglings with.

Could he fuck another male? The mere idea of sinking inside Mirceo made his body vibrate. If Cas went into one of those mindless rampages, he would be inside the prince within a heartbeat’s time. He’d wrench moans out of that vampire, dominating him.