Mirceo ground his engorged cock against it. Though desperate to penetrate Caspion, he would never push his luck thus. He planned to spill right in his pants with a smile on his face.

The demon’s leather scent made him light-headed; his sultry blood made him drunk. Mirceo sucked, he ground, he jacked his mate. Pressure built and built. He imagined Caspion pounding into him with his thick, veined length—



Mirceo couldn’t hold back his seed, lost all sexual control. As his member began pumping cum inside his pants, he released his bite to throw back his head. He bellowed to the ceiling as he ejaculated, torrents so powerful he shuddered in awe.

The demon tensed against him, yelling, “Ah, gods, gods. About to come! GODS!” His rod grew scalding against Mirceo’s palm as friction built. Caspion’s chest heaved with breaths, his exhalations hoarse.

Mirceo rasped at his ear, “Fuck my fist, beautiful. Come hard for me.”

Caspion’s cock pulsed in Mirceo’s grip as he culminated in his dry demon release. “FUCK! COMING!” Orgasming over and over, Caspion gave brutal demonic roars, shaking the small room till dust rained from the ceiling. . . .

Mirceo wanted this moment to last forever. As they drifted down from that high, he milked the last of his mate’s release, then lazily fondled the demon’s semihard shaft.

If Caspion had felt even a fraction of Mirceo’s pleasure, the demon should be in love with him directly.



Cas twisted and flung himself out of the vampire’s grip. “Now you die.” He’d despised this smirking leech before he’d come his brains out.

Even as Cas shoved Mirceo against the tiled wall, part of him acknowledged a shameful truth.

He’d waited half a millennium to release like that.

Hate him! Cas drew back his fist and launched it at Mirceo’s too-perfect face, telling himself he liked the grunt of pain that followed. So why had he pulled his punch?

Blood flowed from the vampire’s lip. My fucking blood! Stolen from his pierced neck.

Mirceo made a show of licking his lips. “Ambrosia. I’ll suck you till eternity, sweetheart.”

“Never call me that again!” Another punch connected with Mirceo’s jaw.

The vampire took it, seeming proud to accept the blow. “My mate’s gotten wickedly strong. We’ll make a great couple.”

What was he talking about? Cas launched his fist with all his strength—

Mirceo traced to the side.

Cas plowed a hole into the wall. “Godsdamn it!” He snatched his fist back, then seized the vampire to belt punches against his stomach.

Mirceo finally struck, taking Cas unawares, right in the side of a horn. The vampire’s hand fractured. “Ah, fuck me!”

Cas’s head rang like a banged drum. With a bellow of fury, he lunged for Mirceo, tackling him through the doorway into the bedroom. As they crashed to the floor, Cas pummeled Mirceo’s side.

Between grunts, Mirceo said, “You’re ready . . . for round two . . . sweetheart?”

Cas frowned down. His cock was hardening for more, straining against Mirceo’s stiff member. What is happening to me? Madness was overtaking him! Just like that night in Dacia.

“Not surprising . . . since we’re . . . mates.”

Cas’s blood ran cold. What he was hearing couldn’t be right: Mirceo’s thundering heartbeat. And the vampire was heaving breaths. “You were blooded while I was gone.”

They’d both known Mirceo’s heart would stop soon, his sexual ability ending with it. Now the vampire’s body had awakened.

Mirceo shook his head. “Blooded tonight. By you.”

Cas released him with splayed fingers, then traced backward to stand. “What kind of trick is this?”

“No trick.” Mirceo licked his bloody lips again and murmured, “Mmmm.”

That savoring sound made Cas’s rod jerk, and Mirceo saw it.

The vampire smirked through the blood. “I’m not the only one affected by our pairing.” He made it to his feet, adjusting his clothes.

“I’m not paired with you!”

“No?” Mirceo gazed at Cas’s erection, which appeared to be straining toward him. “Look at all that pearly pre-cum you’re making for me.”

Cas gaped at his now-foreign member. Pre-cum did in fact bead the crown—a sight he’d never seen. Closest I’ve ever been to spilling semen.

“I can scent what your seed will taste like, beautiful. You’ll have to pry me away.”

Cas couldn’t catch his breath. This isn’t happening. “We’re both male.”

“It sometimes occurs this way. I, for one, couldn’t be happier with the mate fate chose for me. And you’re clearly attracted to me.”

How many times had Cas wondered: Why only Mirceo? Why no other males? “Because you’ve . . . you’ve mesmerized me!”

“One more time: I don’t have that ability. Fault me for being supernaturally sexy—guilty as charged—but I’m no mind-controller.”

Had the vampiric allure Cas resisted actually been his attraction to a mate? No. He refused this. “How would I not know you were mine all that time?”

“When beings are of different species, sometimes the mating instinct won’t be triggered until they’re both mature.” Fuck, that was true. “I wasn’t until my heart stopped and I became immortal. But you’d already gone by that time.”