Luckily, there’s nobody else in sight. But we’re still visible, the party going full force in the distance.

As if reading my mind, Josh catches my hand and tugs me after him, jogging up the path deeper into the forest. We walk until we’re well out of sight of the cabin, the yard, the party. Or anyone else, for that matter. We’re the only people in the world, and that’s just the way we like it.

Josh’s lips collide with mine, desperate and hot. I run my hands through his hair, and he pulls mine a little, crushing me against him.

But he’s right. I can’t stop thinking about last night, about the taste of his cock. He pulled me up to kiss him before I could get him to his climax, because he wanted to fuck me—and don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t protesting. But now, with the fresh adrenaline of his kiss pumping through me, I want a do-over. I want to lick and suck his cock, want to take him as deep into my mouth as I can, and make him lose control the way he’s so good at making me lose it.

I break away from our kiss to catch his earlobe between my teeth instead. I bite down gently, just enough so he feels it, and grin as he shivers visibly. I keep going, nipping at his neck, the spot where his neck meets his shoulder, and I only pause to pull his shirt over his head. Toss it aside, and then run my lips down his pecs. I flick his nipple with my tongue, and he laughs a little, though his hands tighten in my hair. Especially when I keep going, farther down, licking his abs, biting gently at his hip.

He sucks in a breath of air between his teeth. “Paulina…”

I glance up at him as I drop to my knees before him. “I want to taste you, Josh.” I undo his jeans, tug them.

“You’re insatiable,” he says, but he’s grinning. I can see already the bulge in his jeans, straining against the fabric. I pull them down, let them drop to his ankles, and trace my hand over that bulge with only his boxers in my way now. He’s still growing harder under my fingertips, his cock tense and thickening with lust. But I keep my eyes on his for now, enjoying the way they darken, focus on me with an intensity that I’ve never seen anywhere else before.

“What can I say? You make me thirsty.” I smirk, and with that, tug his boxers down to fall after his jeans.

His cock springs free in all its glory. He’s hard as a rock now, thick and flushed from desire. His cock curves slightly upward, his tip glistening with a single drop of precum. I lean in, quick as a flash, and lick that first. As usual, he tastes amazing, better than I’d ever imagined a man could taste. He tastes just like he smells, salty and heady, a scent and flavor that goes straight to my animal brain. It makes me want more.

I turn my head to lick along his length, slowly, first one side, then the other. Then I lick beneath him, along the top of his cock, teasing him, drawing this out. With every touch of my tongue he seems to breathe harder, his hands tense in my hair.

But when I lean back to finally take him into my mouth, pull him between my lips, those hands clench on my hair, hold me in place.

“Wait,” he says.

I hold my breath, gaze up at him. Is he going to stop me again, pull me away, just when I’ve finally got him where I want him?

But just then, he loosens his hold on me a little. “I want you to look at me when you take my cock in your mouth,” he says.

So I do. I keep my eyes locked on his, and wrap both hands around his cock. Hold him steady as I part my lips, and slowly, slowly, begin to slide him into my mouth.

He’s so thick that my jaw strains fully open to take him in. I wrap my lips tight around him and with every inch deeper that I draw him, I press my tongue harder against the underside of his cock. I savor his taste, the heat, the silky smooth skin of his cock and the hardness beneath it. When he’s fully inside my mouth, I wrap my hands around the base of his cock, the part that doesn’t fit inside, not unless I try to take him into my throat, something I’ve never done before.

As I do, I keep my eyes locked on his, and almost as good as his taste is the way his eyelids lower, his eyes laser-focused on me, his mouth parted with pleasure. I love making him do this, seeing him lose control and knowing that it’s because of me, that I have this power over him.

“Fuck, Pau.” Josh grits his teeth as I tighten my lips around him, begin to slide backward slowly, rocking on my knees to let him feel every inch of the motion as I draw his cock out of my mouth once more.

I rock back and forth a couple of times, until his cock is slick and wet. With one of my hands, I cup his balls, tugging at them, toying with them.

“Suck them,” Josh orders, eyes still half-shut, and I part my lips, pull his cock all the way out so I can lean between his legs and lick his balls. I slide them into my mouth too, one after the other, and roll them along my tongue as he moans.