Every move of my hips sends streaks of pleasure through my body. My skin tingles as I think of all the things Bruce would do to my body. I move faster, pressing down harder as the images start to flash through my mind one after another until the orgasm breaks through.

I shudder as pulses run through my body, leaving me shaky and weak. My climax hits me hard and it’s all I can do to hold myself up as I ride out the waves of pleasure.

Rolling over, I collapse into the chair, letting the pillow hit the floor. I look down and see the wet spot my cum has left behind. God, if I came like that just thinking about Bruce, what would the reality be like?

I think back to the woman from last night, the same one he’s having lunch with. Did he make her cum? Would he take her on his desk at work like I just imagined? I bet she’s more experienced than I could ever be. She could handle a man like Bruce. I’ve never so much as kissed someone. I didn’t even get an affectionate kiss from my mother, but I bet Bruce kissed her.

I feel the sting of tears and I close my eyes to fight them back.

It was only hours ago I was trying to summon tears, and now I can barely stop them. No, this isn’t the emotion I want now. I want what I had in the kitchen—the thrill of being wanted, an unfamiliar but exciting feeling. But how could I lust after the man my mother married? She may have loved him, but I’m skeptical she had that ability. It’s shameful, but I can’t seem to stop myself from lusting after Bruce.

Mentally shaking myself, I force all thoughts of him from my head.

I pull out one of my suitcases and find a baby blue sundress. I slide it over my head, slip on some simple, white lace flats, and go to the bathroom to wash my face. I brush my teeth, put my hair in a quick braid, and look at myself in the mirror. I debate putting on a little bit of makeup, but my face is still flushed, and I don’t know why I need to bother.

Heading out of my room, I pause outside the room Bruce said was my mother’s. It still seems so odd they didn’t share a room. Pushing open the door, I’m shocked and rooted in place.

Suddenly, a smile splits my face when I recognize Lily dusting the dresser.

“Lily!” I squeal, running towards her and wrapping her in a hug.


“Oh my, Sophie! Look how big you’ve gotten! All grown up now,” she exclaims, and I can’t help but squeeze her tighter.

Pulling back, I look up at her. She looks the same, but with a few lines on her face and some streaks of gray in her rich, chocolate brown hair. “What are you doing here?” I ask. I haven’t seen Lily for years, and didn’t know if she still worked for my mother. She’d worked for my mother for as long as I could remember. I’m almost ashamed that I hadn't asked about her.

“I’ve never stopped working for your mother, and well, now Mr. Archer.” At the mention of my mother she pulls me into a hug again “I’m so sorry, Sophie, it was all so sudden.”

“I’m fine really.” I try to reassure her.

“Let’s go into the kitchen, we’ll have coffee, and talk.”

Following her, I sit down at the breakfast bar and watch her shuffle around the kitchen. It’s clear she knows where everything is.

“You kept working for my mother after she got married?” I ask, fishing for answers. I’m curious about my mother and Bruce. They don’t seem like a fit, but when I really thought about it, I don’t think I could picture my mother with anyone. She didn’t care for affection or seem like she would ever play with the idea of marriage. I’m not sure how I came to be, and the topic of my father was never brought up.

“If you call it that,” her reply perks my attention, and I can tell by the look she shoots me she caught my reaction. “They were married on paper only, it was for work.”

“Shocking,” I say, letting the sarcasm bleed through my words. Everything was for work, but I can’t help but feel the relief that follows.

Lily runs her finger around the top of her coffee mug, studying me as if debating what to say.

“Do you miss her?” she asks, a slight tone of concern in her voice.

Her question makes me pause. Do I miss her? “I…well…can someone miss something they never had?” That thought has been rolling around in my head since I found out about her heart attack and sudden death. The more the days passed, the more I was beginning to think I didn’t miss her, I missed the idea of her and what we could’ve had. It was in the plan I’d mapped out after college, to finally have my family, and to make her love me. But it was all in my head, this dream that things would change. In reality I had to admit that it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

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