Chapter 3


How can she walk around the house like that and not expect a reaction? I bet that’s why she did it. Does she always walk around in front of men like this? The thought that someone else may have seen her like this makes me murderous. I would like to think my feelings stem from a fatherly concern, but that would be total bullshit. She seemed so meek and innocent yesterday when she got here, but it must have been an act. I’m visibly shaking as I wait for a response to my question.

Slowly she shuts the fridge, turns around to face me, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. My imagination was nothing compared to what her curvy body really looks like. I can see every curve of her perfect, little, compact body. I can tell she would fit against me perfectly. She would be so easy to do with as I pleased.

Her paper-thin top shows the clear outline of her areolae and her diamond-hard nipples. I can’t quite make out the color of them, and now I’m mad about that too. Fuck. I’m sure she’s not turned on by an old pervert like me starring at her, but my inner animal doesn’t care. He thinks her body is getting primed for him, and he’s ready to rut deep inside her. I could bend her over the kitchen counter, the cold granite top making her nipples even harder as I pounded into her cunt until I filled her with my cum. It would drip down her milky, plump thighs. Maybe I should leave those bite marks first. The cum would fill in the little divots as it drained down her legs.

I blink hard a few times, trying to rid my brain of this image. I look down her body and see her panties are so sheer and small, I can make out the outline of her bare pussy lips.

“Fuck.” I turn around to face away from her, but I still have the picture of her hairless pussy covered in see-through panties burned into my mind. I take gulps of air, but this only serves as more fuel for my inner beast.

“I’m sorry, I’m used to living with girls. I didn’t even stop to think.”

“You will need to stop to think next time, Sophie. I can’t see you like this. It isn’t appropriate.”

“I didn’t realize that.”

I turn back around. She can’t be that innocent. There’s no way she’s that unaware of her behavior.


“You can’t be serious, Sophie,” I say, trying to make solid eye contact. If I look at her body again, I don’t know what I’ll do. Yeah, you do, my inner beast whispers. Bite her thighs first.

Suddenly, she cocks an eyebrow and looks at me like I’m stupid. “Are you kidding me right now? I was with female nannies from the time I took my first bottle, and I was sent to an all-girls’ school the second I was old enough. I’ve only ever lived with girls my own age, and whenever I managed to glimpse the few guys I saw, I was always out in public. It’s not like I have a lot of life experience when it comes to living with a man.”

She’s got some sass, I’ll give her that, but she needs to understand she can’t dress like this.

“You have to be fully dressed when you’re around me. It’s fine if you want to sleep like that, but you need to be fully dressed in front of me. I’m not supposed to see you like this. You’re practically naked and I’m not supposed to see that,” I say, repeating myself. She needs to understand. Fuck, I need her to understand. Or this could all go badly.

I don’t know what’s going on in her head, but in a bold move, she steps closer to me. I’m shocked at her fearless move and step away from her. My eyes dart down to her breasts again and see the slight jiggle as she walks towards me. Fucking hell, my cock is leaking inside my pants now, making my balls draw up like they are ready to cum.

“You keep saying ‘not supposed to’ like you shouldn’t want to.”

I stop my retreat, and realize how I worded my warning to her. It’s true. I shouldn’t want to see her like this but, fuck, if I don’t enjoy it. Shamelessly, I know it will fuel the masturbation session I’ll be having after I leave her. This one will be better than the one I had about her last night. The one she doesn’t know about, the one I had standing over her bed last night while she slept. I stood there, staring at her lips, imagining them wrapped around my cock until I came in my hand. This time I’ll have a better idea of what body looks like.

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