When we’re finally spent, I collapse to the side, pulling her with me so we are spooning and I don’t have to pull out. We’re a sweaty heap of flesh, smeared with our passion and unable to move.

I kiss her neck and pet her body as she snuggles into me, grinding on my cock every now and then.

“Get some sleep, baby. He’ll still be hard and waiting for you when you wake up.”

“Goodnight, Bruce,” she whispers, pushing down on my cock one more time.

I smile and drift off to sleep, feeling whole for the first time in my life.


Five years later…


“Shh! You’ll wake the kids up.”

“Oh fuck,” she moans, as I sink deeper inside her slick channel, thrusting myself balls deep. I look down and see her tits are leaking milk, and my mouth starts to water.

“I need a taste of your sweetness.”


“They’re too full and sensitive. I’ve got to feed the baby when she wakes up. Just fuck me. I’m so close.”

I watch as Sophie throws her head back in ecstasy and lifts her hips with my rhythm.

“I’ll be gentle, baby,” I whisper against her nipple, softly licking up milk with the tip of my tongue. She moans at the contact and it makes my dick harder. “You always leak right before you cum.”

“God, Bruce. I’m so close. Don’t forget to pull out. I could get pregnant right now.”

“Just relax, baby, you focus on cumming,” I say, with no intention of pulling out. No way was I wasn’t going to cum inside her.

I put my mouth over one nipple, gently suckling her. The pressure on her sensitive nipple combined with my hard thrusts is enough to send her over the edge. Tasting her on my tongue and feeling her tight pussy squeeze my cock pulls the cum from me. I pump hard into her one last time and hold myself there, spurting my cum inside her.

She’s too far gone in her orgasm to pay attention to my cock filling her little pussy up with cum. Once I’ve let my last drop splash inside her pussy, I look down and give her an evil grin.

“I knew you wouldn’t pull out,” she says, trying to give me a glare but failing.

I lean down and kiss her full, lush lips, smiling as we connect. After a second she kisses me back and I start to move again.

“You better be quick this time. I think I hear Thomas and Joseph playing in their room.”

“They’re three- and four-years old. They’re fine. Come ride me this time.”

I flip us over, letting her straddle me and ride my still-hard cock. I reach up to play with her big, full tits as she bounces up and down on my dick. I squeeze her breasts, watching the little drops of milk roll down her creamy flesh, and it makes me even harder. It’s been five years and I still can’t seem to control my cock when she is in the room.

“I swear you keep me pregnant just so you can play with my milky tits.”

“You did agree to four kids.”

“You made me negotiate while you were going down on me!”

I thrust, making her moan. “You weren’t exactly complaining.”

We’ve got the two older boys, and then we took a year-long break before having our youngest, Felicity, who’s almost a year old. She’s the apple of my eye, and I was kind of relieved it wasn’t another boy. They’re amazing but they’re always going at full throttle.

I left the law firm the day after Sophie’s eighteenth birthday, and we got married right away. I didn’t care about what people thought of our relationship, I just didn’t want the drama. Life is short, and I didn’t want to explain myself, or us, to anyone. Those who didn’t understand our love we were better off without.

Lily was our biggest champion, staying on as our nanny when we had our first baby. She helped Sophie be the mother she always wanted, and helped me learn how to change a diaper. We were both new at parenting, and having someone to help us, not only when things got hard, but to share in our joy, has been wonderful.

I started my own private law practice, mostly to keep up my license. I take on a few real estate cases when I feel like it, but for the most part I focus on my family. I spent the first decades of my life doing what I thought I was supposed to and making enough money to last a lifetime. Thankfully, Sophie came along and showed me what it’s like to live.

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