Before I can make a fool out of myself, I get up from the floor, grabbing my iPad. “I think I’ll turn in early tonight. Maybe you’ll get some work done, or maybe you can go out or something, don’t worry about me..”

I’m baiting him to say something, mainly about Holly, but he just nods his head. I give him a soft smile, fighting the disappointment I feel when he won’t tell me anything. Or maybe I’m fighting the knot I just put in my own stomach at suggesting he go out for the night. Would he still come to my room tonight if he did? Did I want him to come to my room tonight?

Turning, I make my retreat into my room and throw myself onto my bed.

The answer is yes. Yes, I want him to come to my room again. I won’t ask him to, but I want to enjoy these last few days I have with him. I’ll be leaving soon. It’s for the best. We’ll just end up driving each other crazy if I stay any longer than I have to.

I know part of him wants me, but not enough to really have me. I would be nothing more than a dirty secret; something I always felt like I was with my mom. A mistake she made once that could be hidden away. Shuffle me off to boarding school and put me away on a shelf. Bruce would do the same. Stick me in his condo and give me attention when he had the time to do so.

He wouldn’t want anyone to know he was sticking it to his step daughter. Even if I gave into coming second to his career, it would all be for nothing. Soon everyone would find out we were together, and I’m sure that would be devastating to the firm. Holly mentioned his going into politics, and that’s not a world I was built for. Fake smiles and hellos are not something I want to be a part of. I watched my mother do it, and I despised it. I want real.

I know I’m young, but losing my mother, whom I never really knew, made me think about what I want from life. I don’t want to have to do something to please someone else. I want to break the cycle and not get trapped in their kind of life. I want love, a family, bake sales, date nights, fighting over not taking out the stupid trash. God, I relished the idea of having someone to fight with me. Someone who would actually fight back. Not just dismiss me.

For a moment I thought I saw that look in Bruce's eyes. That longing for more, for a connection with another person. Part of me wants to try to show him we could have that too, that we could walk away from all of this. But part of me doesn’t want to have to ask for it.

Grabbing my pillow, I pull it under my head and close my eyes. For a moment I think I catch the smell of him. A lingering scent of what we did last night, and for some reason the thought makes me mad. I’m just making this worse for myself. Thinking of and playing with the idea he could be mine. Half-hoping he comes in here again tonight.

Getting up from the bed, I lock my bedroom door. No more silly dreams, Sophie, I think to myself, lying back down on the bed. I close my eyes and try to focus on anything but Bruce.

* * *


I feel him before I see him.

I was fast asleep, and it’s pitch black in my room, but I feel his presence. I’m instantly awake, my body coming alive.

Before I can react, the covers are ripped away from me and he’s on top of me, blanketing my body. His face is right against mine, and his hard cock digs into my stomach.

“You’ve been ignoring me all day and I can’t stand it. Then you locked your door, hoping to keep me out.” The look in his eyes is one I’ve never seen before, almost like a wild animal. Maybe I pushed too far, but I find myself doing it again.

“Get off me, Bruce,” I snap, not really wanting him to.

“No. If this is the only way I can get your attention, then this is what I’ll do. Now show me your pussy. I need to see it.”

I push against him, and he leans up, letting me have a little bit of space. I reach over and turn on the bedside lamp, allowing me to see his face. He looks angry and aggressive. I feel a little bit of pride in the knowledge that I worked him up to this point.

I look down at his body and see he’s got on loose shorts, the head of his cock peeking out of the waistband.

“Bruce, go back to your room,” I say the words but there’s no power behind them. I’m already wet thinking about what he wants to do to me. The way he looks at my pussy when he gets off makes me cum so hard. I want that right now. Even if it’s not a good idea, I want it so bad.

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