Kicking back the covers, I get up out of bed and storm down the hall. I’ll show her how much I choose her.

When I burst into her room, I go over to her nightstand and flip on the bedside lamp, startling her awake.

“Bruce, what’s wrong?” Her sleepy eyes blink awake, trying to figure out what’s happening.

“What’s wrong is you coming into my life like this and messing up everything I had planned. I’ve never been like this before.” I reach down and palm my hard cock that won’t stop aching, showing her what she does to me. “It won’t go away. It’s because I want you so much and now you don’t want me?”

Her eyes follow my hands down to my cock and watch me stroke myself.

“No,” she says, and rolls over away from me.


“I’m not playing games with you, Bruce. I don’t want it like this,” she says into the pillow, not looking at me.

“Sophie,” I plead, my whole body trembling with my need for her. I don’t know what to do. I can’t believe I’m begging, but I’d do anything in this moment for her.

When she doesn’t respond, I climb onto the bed and she rolls over to look at me.

“I’m not doing this again. You can’t just come in here, get off on me, and then leave.”


“Please, Sophie. I need you.” I look down at my cock, and the end is nearly purple with need. My whole body shakes and I can see that I’m dripping pre-cum everywhere. “I’ve tried jerking off but it doesn’t work. I need to see it,” I beg.

She looks around the room, and then back at me. “Okay, but this is the last time,” she says, and then rolls onto her back, kicking the covers away. I kneel on the end of the bed, and she spreads her legs on either side of mine. She’s wearing a thin, see-through tank top and powder blue cotton panties.

I start stroking my cock at the sight of her, and as her little hand reaches down and pulls the fabric away from her pussy, I struggle not to cum. She’s so pink and perfect, glistening with dew. I lick my lips, just wanting a small taste, but hold myself back. This is all I get tonight, I remind myself. This has to hold me over.

I stare at her pussy as I squeeze my cock tight, pretending it’s inside her. Suddenly, I see her other hand come down and start rubbing her clit, and I let out a choked moan.

“Oh fuck, Sophie. I’m gonna cum,” I say, watching her fingers rub her clit.

“You can wait until I cum,” she says, and my eyes snap up to meet hers. She’s testing me, and God help me, I’ll do whatever she asks.


I take deep breaths and watch her rub her slick pussy. She brings her fingers down to her opening, drawing her honey up to her clit to make it slick. She rubs faster.

“Goddamn it,” I grunt, and slightly pinch the end of my cock to keep cum from shooting out. “Please cum, Sophie. I can’t hold out.”

“Bruce,” she whispers, and throws her head back, closing her eyes in pleasure.

She’s killing me slowly, and what a beautiful way to go. If I die right now, my only regret would be not sinking deep inside her first.

She rubs even faster, and suddenly she arches off the bed. “I’m cumming!” she shouts, and it’s the green light to unload.

I watch the opening of her pussy pulse and release sweet honey drops of her pleasure. I stroke my cock twice and my cum shoots out hard and fast, splashing across her virgin pussy and thick thighs.

“Sophie,” I breathe, and struggle to stay upright. My orgasm is powerful and nearly crippling but oh so sweet.

Suddenly, she pulls her panties over her pussy, and rolls away from me.

“You can go now.”


“We’re done here, Bruce. Good night.”

She doesn’t sound angry or upset. She says it with finality and no room for argument. I get off the bed and walk towards her door.


“Close the door on the way out, Bruce. I’m tired and I really want to sleep.”

I close the door and walk to my room. As I lie in bed, I can’t help but think how the tables have turned.

Chapter 10



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