She presses against me, and I still feel her arm moving, so I look down. Her eyes are closed and her hand moves under the covers. I can’t see what she’s doing, but I have a pretty good idea, and it makes me break out in a sweat.

“Sophie,” I say, and she moans against my neck. “You can’t do this. I’m your step-dad. This isn’t right. You don’t want this,” I plead with her because my own control is breaking.

“You’re not touching me,” she whispers against my neck and, God help me, my dick jerks at her words. She’s right, I’m not touching her.

“You’re too young for me. This isn’t right.”

“I’m so close. Just for a second, please.” Her husky voice seems to wrap around my balls. I close my eyes tightly, knowing this is so wrong, but I can’t resist her. I put the popcorn on the side table and then pull her against my side with both arms, holding her close.

“Okay, Sophie, but be quick. No one will ever know.”

The blanket covers her bottom half so I can’t see what’s happening, but at my words, I feel her arm speed up as she presses against me and rubs herself.

I close my eyes and picture her little fingers rubbing her clit so fast and hard, just reaching for her orgasm.

“Oh, Bruce,” she says, and licks my neck. I think she is trying to get a rise out of me with her words.

“Don’t do that, Sophie. Just rub your pussy and cum real fast, and we can pretend this didn’t happen.”

She nods against me, agreeing to the stupid idea that we could pretend this didn’t happen. But maybe we can. I’ve been pretending the night I came all over her never happened. It was just a dream, I keep telling myself.


I feel her arm go into motion again. She rubs her chest against me, and I feel her shirt fall the rest of the way off one shoulder, exposing one of her tits completely.

“I want to feel your skin on mine. Please.” She leans back a little, and I can see the need in her eyes.

“Okay, but this is it. You need to cum quick,” I tell her, but part of me doesn’t want that at all. It’s been so long since I’ve had someone up against me. Skin to skin.


I reach down and pull my shirt off over my head, and then lift hers up fully so she can push her tits to my naked chest. I lean back into the sofa with my arm around her, and she sits right next to me, twisted to the side so our chests are press together. One small move and she could be straddling me, but I just hold her naked chest against mine, as she works both of her hands under the covers.

The feel of her hard nipples against me is so good and so wrong. I shouldn’t be so turned on. I should be ashamed of myself. The feel of her naked chest against mine is amazing, and I can’t help but turn into her body as well.

I hold her tightly to me, rubbing my dick against her blanket-covered body.

“Oh God,” I moan, and close my eyes.

The thin blanket is the only thing separating our lower bodies, but the feeling of our skin pressed together at my chest is all I need. I feel myself uncoiling, nearing an orgasm that I’m fighting against.

“Please cum fast, Sophie. This isn’t right.” I can hear the plea in my own voice. I know if she doesn't cum soon, I will.

“I’m so close.”

My eyes squeeze shut and I don’t see her hand come out from under the blanket, I just feel it when it closes around my covered cock. I jerk at the touch and start to protest, but she rubs harder, and I lose the battle.

“Come with me, Bruce.”

Her soft sweet words send me over, and I release my cum inside my shorts. I hear her shouts of release as I hit my peak, feeling my own orgasm trigger hers. As I open my mouth, gulping in air as the last spurts of cum leave my dick, I feel her finger touch my lips and, God help me, I suck her drenched finger into my mouth and taste her sweet nectar as I finish.

When we both catch our breath, I look down at her and watch as she cuddles into my side again.

“I like movie night,” she whispers.

I sit there, stunned at what just happened, and all I can think is…I agree.

Chapter 8


“No, your hips look too wide in that one,” Holly says before shuffling me back into the dressing room.

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