“Let me feed you. Then I’ll spread your legs open on the dinner room table and have my own breakfast.”

Chapter Eleven Phillip

It’s been almost a week since I brought Molly back home, and it’s been wonderful. We’ve spent every second together, planning for the baby and indulging her in every way I can think of.

But there’s been a shadow around our time together. It’s the worry in the back of my mind, waiting to see if she remembers. It’s the reason I haven’t taken her fully yet. I’ve been between her legs at least three times each day, making a meal out of her sweet pussy. But every time she asks me for more, I just give her orgasm after orgasm until she passes out.

The guilt of keeping her time away from me a secret is starting to build. Molly is my best friend and my soul mate. I don’t like the idea of keeping anything from her, but I fear that if she knew she left me, she might want to do it again. And that thought outweighs any guilt I could possibly have.

My current plan of action has been to distract her with excitement over the new house. I’ve told her just enough to keep her guessing but not enough that it would ruin the surprise.

Originally, before the accident, I’d had everything in place. I was ending work that week, and I was going to whisk her away to the new place and put the last year of stress behind us. I was finally going to stop holding back my obsession for Molly and give her all of me. We deserved it, and it was all falling into place.

Until it didn’t.

The home has sat empty, waiting for us to join it, and it’s the one thing that helps me push away the last of the shadows surrounding us. If I take her to the new home, it’s a fresh start. No more memories of the penthouse and no more memories of before. I will spoil her with decades of love, and this little blip will be long forgotten by the time her memory comes back. If it ever does.

Ryan has been blowing up my phone every day since I’ve been back. I know there are one or two things I need to sign off on. I’ve just been avoiding it, not wanting to leave Molly by herself.

“I need something from you, my love.”


Molly turns around in the closet, small duffel in her hands. She’s packing up some of the things she wants to take to the new house. The movers will get most of it; she just wants a bag with a couple of changes of clothes.

“Anything,” she says brightly, walking towards me.

“Would it be okay if we stopped by my old office on the way to the new house? I need to sign some final documents, and then we’re on our way.”

She puts her arms around my waist and smiles up at me. Her warm eyes are the things dreams are made of, and seeing them makes all doubt flit away. I would have done this a thousand times to have her back in my arms. There’s nothing that would ever kept me from her. Not even my own conscience.

“As long as we stop for food after. Your son is hungry. Again,” she laughs and presses her body to mine, and I hold her to me.

“I can make you food before we go,” I say, wanting to make sure she has what she wants.

“No, I’d like to go out. We’ve been cooped up in this place for so long. It feels like a cage.”

Her words make my back stiffen, but if she notices, she doesn’t say anything. Maybe it has to do with before. She’s only been here a week, and the comment throws me off. I knew she didn’t like this place when we first moved in, but I had hoped it would be a place we could have made ours. Instead, it sounds like this may have been the opposite for her.

“Then that’s what we’ll do.”

Kissing the top of her head, I take her bag and carry it to the door, placing it beside my own. When she’s ready, we go to the car and make the drive over to the office. I can feel it in my bones. The sooner I get her out of this city, the better.

* * *

I hold Molly’s hand as we exit the elevator on the floor of my former office. I haven't been here since the night Molly left me, and now this place feels hollow and empty. Not like the place I'd spent years devoting every second of my life to. I'd built a great empire, but for what? I was lonely.

I don’t know how I devoted so many years of my life to this place, especially the last year, knowing I had my Molly waiting on me at home. I’m beyond obsessed with her, and I thought my love would push her away. I thought that my overwhelming need would smother her light, and I didn’t want to do that to her. But now, there is no other option. I can’t hold back anymore. Once this is all taken care of today, never again will I let her out of my sight.

We walk towards my old office and I look over to see Cary sitting behind the desk. It surprises me that Ryan hasn’t gotten rid of her, especially after the last time I spoke to him on the issue. As if hearing my thoughts, Cary turns from her computer to greet us with a smile on her face. When she sees Molly and me standing there, her smile drops, her face turning stark white as she stares at Molly.

Suddenly, I feel Molly’s hand squeeze my own, and then her palm feels a little cold. I look at her and see she has a vague look of panic on her face.

“Molly, you okay, my love?” I pull her to me, holding her chin so she’ll look in my direction. “Molly?”

She shakes her head a little as if clearing a cloud, then smiles at me. “Yes. Sorry. Don’t know where I went for a second.”

The door to my old office opens and Ryan comes out. We shake hands and he leads us in, closing the door behind us. Before we get to pleasantries, I ask about the situation at the desk.