Suddenly, he jerks up, making me jump in surprise. His chair falls back, hitting the floor with a loud crash.

“Molly.” The word comes from him likes it’s pained. I can’t read the look on his face as he looms over me. Jesus, this man is big. It’s like he keeps getting bigger and bigger.

His hand hits a button next to the bed, then he’s on me. His big hands cup my face as his mouth descends on mine, taking me in a soft yet firm kiss. He just holds himself there. Cupping my face as his lips press to mine like he thinks I might disappear.

He doesn’t pull away as I hear someone enter the room.

“Well, I see someone is finally awake.”

He pulls back, placing his forehead against mine for a moment, then pulling away, making room for the woman in purple scrubs.

“How are you feeling?” she asks as she starts to look over the machines, hitting a few buttons.

“Sleepy.” The word doesn’t come out like I except it to and I try it again. This time it comes out right. The man next to me grabs my hand like he can’t stop himself from touching me. The woman smiles at the action before shaking her head.

“How about your head? You hit it pretty hard.” She moves in closer, making me lean up to get a look. “You rattled your brain around a little bit, but I think you’ll be okay. You’ve been out for a little over twelve hours.”

“Is she going to be okay?” the man cuts in, his impatience clear. It’s like he’s on edge, and I can hear it in his voice.

The woman studies me for a second before pulling a pen out of her breast pocket. I make a note of her name badge. Dr. Josie Dixon.

She starts flashing the light in my eyes. “All the scans were clear. She just knocked herself out real good. Some people take a little longer to wake up sometimes. I think exhaustion had a little to do with hers.” She pockets the light. “Molly, do you remember what happened to you today?”

I shake my head, trying to recall, gripping the man’s hand tighter. The security of it makes me feel better.

“Do you know where you are?”

“At a hospital,” I supply easily.

“In what city?”

I just stare at her, trying to remember. I look to the man like he’ll give me an answer, but he just studies me, a look crossing his face and his jaw going hard.

“State?” she tries again.

I just shake my head, unable to make the connection.

“How about this man? Do you know who he is?”

“He’s my husband.” I smile up at him, but he doesn’t return it. He’s still just studying me.

“His name, Molly. Do you know his name?”

“No,” I whisper, turning to look back at the doctor, not wanting to see his face. What look might cross it when he finds out I have no clue who he is. Only a dream man. I want those looks back. The ones he gave me when we were wrapped up in bed together.

“We’ll run a few tests in the morning, but I’m sure it’s fine. You had a good fall. It will come back to you,” she says, sounding so sure.

“You’ll run them now.” The man’s voice is so commanding, my head jerks back to look at him as he glares daggers at the poor doctor.

I squeeze his hand, making him look down at me and his face changes, softens.

“The baby.” I don’t want to do any tests right now. I just want to fall back asleep even after apparently being asleep for twelve hours. But I will for the baby, I will do whatever is necessary.

“He’s doing just fine.”

“He?” I pull my hand from my husband’s, bringing it to my belly, wanting to feel him move again.

“It’s a little boy. You look to be about four-and-a-half months pregnant. He’s actually a little big. I’ll need to get the records from whatever doctor you were seeing just to double-check some things.”

I have no clue who my doctor is. I don’t even know where I am. I look up at my husband.

“Can you get them for her?” I ask, knowing he would know where to find them.

“I’ll have it handled.” His words are flat, and I can’t help but feel a coldness to them, making suspicion flare to life.

“All right. Why don’t you get a little more rest and I’ll be back first thing in the morning?” With that, the doctor leaves.

“I, ah…” I suddenly feel awkward. “I don’t know your name,” I finally get out, and I peek up at him through my eyelashes.

He picks up the chair that he’d knocked over, righting it and sitting down beside me. Leaning forward, he takes my hand once again and brings it to his lips. The gesture is sweet, making me smile. I can’t get a feel of him. He seems to be all over the place, but maybe it’s me. I’m not thinking clearly.

“Phillip,” he says, dragging his lips across the back of my hand. I think I feel his tongue come out for a second, like he’s tasting me, but it’s gone before I even realize it’s there.

“Phillip.” I say his name, leaning back in the bed, my eyes starting to close. “Please don’t leave me. It’s lonely without you,” I mumble as I drift off to sleep, feeling his other hand come to my tummy.

“We’ll never be apart again,” he responds in a dark tone as I slip under.

Chapter Seven Phillip

I slide my hand under the blanket and then under her hospital gown, placing my palm on her stomach over the small bump. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, trying to reassure myself that everything is okay.