The operations had lasted until late in the afternoon. The night nurses

had taken up their stations; prayers were over. The internes were gathered

in the smoking-room, threshing over the day's work, as was their custom.

When Sidney was free, she went to the office for the note. It was very

brief:-I have something I want to say to you, dear. I think you know what it is.

I never see you alone at home any more. If you can get off for an hour,

won't you take the trolley to the end of Division Street? I'll be there

with the car at eight-thirty, and I promise to have you back by ten




The office was empty. No one saw her as she stood by the mail-box. The

ticking of the office clock, the heavy rumble of a dray outside, the roll

of the ambulance as it went out through the gateway, and in her hand the

realization of what she had never confessed as a hope, even to herself!

He, the great one, was going to stoop to her. It had been in his eyes that

afternoon; it was there, in his letter, now.

It was eight by the office clock. To get out of her uniform and into

street clothing, fifteen minutes; on the trolley, another fifteen. She

would need to hurry.

But she did not meet him, after all. Miss Wardwell met her in the upper


"Did you get my message?" she asked anxiously.

"What message?"

"Miss Harrison wants to see you. She has been moved to a private room."

Sidney glanced at K.'s little watch.

"Must she see me to-night?"

"She has been waiting for hours--ever since you went to the


Sidney sighed, but she went to Carlotta at once. The girl's condition was

puzzling the staff. There was talk of "T.R."--which is hospital for

"typhoid restrictions." But T.R. has apathy, generally, and Carlotta was

not apathetic. Sidney found her tossing restlessly on her high white bed,

and put her cool hand over Carlotta's hot one.

"Did you send for me?"

"Hours ago." Then, seeing her operating-room uniform: "You've been THERE,

have you?"

"Is there anything I can do, Carlotta?"

Excitement had dyed Sidney's cheeks with color and made her eyes luminous.

The girl in the bed eyed her, and then abruptly drew her hand away.

"Were you going out?"

"Yes; but not right away."

"I'll not keep you if you have an engagement."

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