"Come here," he says, his voice low and authoritative.

My panties dampen instinctively at the rough sound of his voice. I walk slowly, seductively toward him, thankful without a clunky cast on my arm, I actually feel sexy. I stop in front of him, my high heels giving me an extra boost of height, so my lips are at his throat, and gaze up at him with soulful eyes.

He leans down, bringing his mouth to mine and kisses me, long and deep. I feel his hands skim carefully down my sides, until they find my backside and cup my ass cheeks, his fingers squeeze and a rough growl escapes his throat. His worshipful reverence of my body makes me feel like maybe I am enough, makes me feel like I should just forget about those last ten pounds and the extra jiggle and accept the woman I am now. I reach up and twine my fingers into the hair at the back of his neck, enjoying the way his roaming hands are exploring my body. While my tongue strokes his, Pace trails his hands down my ass until he reaches under my skirt and lifts my dress up around my waist. His warm palms meet bare skin and he smiles, looking down appreciatively at the black g-string I've worn tonight just for him.

"Hmm," he growls. "No boy shorts tonight?"

I almost chuckle, but instead I bite my lip while trying not to smile. He's never complained about my choice of comfy underwear, but I can tell he likes this sexier version I'm wearing tonight. I shrug. "Special occasion and all that." I almost want to tell him about the matching bra with its demi cups, but I know he'll discover that soon enough.

He runs one finger along the seam of my pussy, lingering over the sensitive nub, and sparks of heat lick at my inner muscles. Then he drops my skirt and his fingers move to the zipper at my back, slowly sliding it lower until I can step out of the dress.

As soon as I'm free of the dress, his dark eyes glaze over with lust and wandering hands are back, gently touching and appreciating every curve I have. I stand straight and tall in the black heels, feeling every bit like a powerful sex goddess.

Deciding he still has far too many clothes on, my fingers move to his belt buckle. His erection is already tenting his slacks, and I'm dying to feel his hot, hard flesh in my hands. Especially since I now have the use of both hands.

When we're both finally stripped of every last piece of clothing, we fall into bed in a tangle of limbs, hot mouths fused together and greedy hands roaming and exploring.

The first time we make love that night, it's with me on top, a position we've both come to love. His mouth is on my breasts and his hands are on my ass, and even though I'm on top, he's the one controlling each powerful thrust as his hips rock into me.

The second time, we're lying together in a spoon position, his arms curled around me and his mouth by my ear.


"I love you," he whispers.

Hearing him say those words means everything to me. Hearing him say them to Max the first time was nearly my undoing. I feel so connected to Pace, so in sync, and full of love.

"Show me," I whisper back. As sexually satisfying as our physical relationship is, once is never enough. I've come to appreciate his ability to go again and again. His stamina is just one of the many things about him I find incredibly sexy.

Pace's hand trails along my waist, moving lower until he reaches between my legs and begins to gently rub. "Are you sore?" he asks.


"Is this hot little cunt ready for me again?" he asks. I love the filthy things he whispers during sex. I feel myself growing wet.

With one hand parting my inner lips, the other begins lightly stroking my clit. The sudden rush of pleasure makes me cry out. I'm still sensitive from the last orgasm he gave me, and my body trembles involuntarily. I feel his cock hardening between my butt cheeks and I grind against him, desperate.

I reach between us, angling his cock to my opening and push back, taking in the broad head of him. He thrusts, slowly, lazily, as he continues rubbing me. When I come all over his cock, he finally enters me fully, brutally pounding into me again and again, as if the act of holding back had been killing him. The tight squeeze of my inner muscles makes him groan long and low.

"Fuck, angel. Go easy on me," he whispers against my hair.

His warm breath comes in fast pants against my ear and I close my eyes, loving the feel of his body enveloping mine. We're as close as two people can possibly be. Wrapping both arms around me, he pumps into me several more times before finally finding his release. He comes with a low groan, and I curl my legs to my chest, letting him hold me until his cock softens and we are both at that quiet, still moment just before sleep takes over.

I lay in his arms, reflecting on my life before Pace. It was chaotic and stressful at times. I was surviving as a single mother, doing the best I could. But now I feel more in control, happier, loved and cherished. And having a partner to lean on when I need it is such a comforting feeling. I am so thankful that I gave Pace a chance. Everything I knew about the young, wealthy bachelor told me to stay away, I'm just glad my heart did not listen. He means everything to me. And I know Max loves him just as much.



My life is so very different than it was just three short months ago, but I've never felt happier. Knowing there's a beautiful, strong woman in my life and a little boy depending on me to be the best man I can be – it's a powerful feeling. My life is so much fuller than it ever was before. I'm lucky and I know that.

We moved into our new home two months ago and Elan visits one Saturday a month. Max doesn't really know who he is, but he tolerates his presence and has even begun interacting with him, handing him toys and babbling at him. But for all intents and purposes, I am his father, a fact that makes me feel incredibly proud. I will be the one to teach him about sports and cars and women. But at this moment, there is only one woman on my mind.