She is so stunning, my dick is already hard.

I kiss her gently at first, letting her adjust to the sensations, then suck her lower lip into my mouth, tugging her closer. I need more.

Kylie lets out a soft groan and the throb in my pants intensifies as my cock presses uncomfortably against my zipper.

Christ, I've never been this hard from a kiss alone. At least not since the ninth grade, when I was plotting out how to get my hand into the front of Rachel Lundquist's jeans while we made out.

Using both hands, I hold Kylie's face as I kiss her deeply, loving the feel of her tongue thrusting against mine. She denies me nothing, her mouth freely moves against mine and tiny moans vibrate in her throat.

Kylie's hands begin wandering along my chest and abs and I begin praying to any gods who will listen that she continues her path south. I know her son is in the next room, and I know that's not what today is about, but I'm dying to feel her delicate hands wrapped around my cock.

Rubbing her hands along my chest, Kylie steals my breath. She gingerly touches my abs, her small hands sliding over the grooves as she explores. Her touch is much more innocent than I'm used to, yet it feels fucking incredible and so erotic, because I know how big of a deal this is for her. But what she does next totally surprises me.

Kylie climbs into my lap, straddling me, and aligns her core so she's pressed against my erection.


She's warm and sitting right against my cock.

I want to show her there's not a goddamn thing wrong with her body, and I bring my hands to her ass and thrust up so she can feel how much I want her.


Kylie whimpers and grips my biceps as she rubs herself against me. Her tongue is stroking mine and I imagine what her hot mouth would feel like around the head of my cock, what her tongue would feel like licking along my swollen shaft and almost come in my pants.

Shit, her curvy body working against mine is a magical thing.

When I arrived here today, my goal was only to get her to trust me – now my goal is to make her come. I want to hear her moan out my name and know that I'm the man taking care of her.

I'd never gone this slow with a woman, but suddenly I'm starting to see the merits in taking my time, in letting her get comfortable and control the pace.

I can't resist bringing my hands to her breasts. They are soft and lush and most definitely fucking real. When my thumbs graze her nipples, she chokes on a groan.

"Pace…What are we doing?" she asks, her voice breathless and husky. Her hips still against mine.

No, no, no. Don't question it.

"Shh…Don't think. Just come," I tell her. I pluck her nipples through the thin cotton dress she's wearing and feel them harden. Kylie whimpers and buries her face against my neck. Her hips thrust up and down against me.

Yes, that's it.

Despite us both being clothed, her movements mimic her riding my dick and I feel like I'm about to explode.

I love the way her breasts fit perfectly in my hands, and the breathy cries she makes when I graze her nipples. If she doesn’t get off soon, I'm going to come in my pants, which would not be cool.

I kiss the side of her neck, the dip in her throat. "Does that feel good?" I ask.

"Yes," she breathes. "Oh God, Pace. I think I'm going to…"

"Fuck yeah. That's it, angel."

She's found her rhythm and bounces against me, grinding her hips as she lifts and lowers. I bite down on my cheek, cursing out my cock. The bastard better behave and not embarrass me.

I caress her nipples through the fabric of her dress and bra, wishing it was my tongue teasing them rather than my fingers. I want to taste her pussy, and watch her come undone, I want to thrust inside her slow and deep until she gasps. I want so much more with her, but I will settle for this moment–because I know this is huge.

"Pace…Pace…" she breathes out, pushing her fingers into my hair.

"That's right. Come for me." I give her nipples a tug and Kylie comes apart, trembling as the orgasm hits her.

She breathes out my name a final time and we kiss until she stops spasming.

We sit like that together, her in my lap, our heartbeats pounding together, and nothing has ever felt more right.

After a moment, she scrambles off my lap and buries her face in her hands. "Oh my God, I can't believe I just did that. I'm sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I haven’t had attention from a man in such a long time, I just…"

I press a finger over her lips quieting her. "Stop. First of all, that was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen." Her getting herself off by humping my dick? Yeah, that was better than any porn video. "And second, I like that you haven’t been with a man in a while. I like that you're cautious. You're smart. And you're beautiful. You're the total package."

"Yeah…some package." She rolls her eyes and I notice that her cheeks are still pink from her orgasm. "I just dry-humped you and oh God, this is just so embarrassing."

"Don't do that," I warn, my tone firm. "You're incredibly sexy and if what you've said is true—that you haven’t gotten off with a man in what, two years? Then I feel incredibly fucking honored."

She blushes again. "Yeah, crazy, huh?" Her shoulders straighten, and she looks slightly more put together. "And how long has been it been since you've gotten off with a woman?"

I consider it for a moment. "Tuesday?" It was the day before I went to Colton's office to ask about Kylie. It had been my attempt to push her out of my brain. I'd taken the towel attendant at my new gym back into the locker room and fucked her. It would be the first and last time I attended that center.