"You want this just as badly as I do," he says, his voice deep and sure.

My eyes lift to his and apparently they tell him everything he needs to know. My desire for him is written all over my face. My thoughts betray me. And Colton takes full advantage, leaning in to kiss me again.

"Tell me there’s still a chance," he whispers against my lips.

I swallow, but am unable to respond. I don’t trust myself to say the right thing. I debate with myself, wondering if I could ever trust him again, if I could even fit into his lifestyle…

A bubble of feminine laughter and the sound of the door clicking open snap me back to my senses.

Becca and Pace waltz into the room carrying a half dozen shopping bags between them.

My sanity returns and I force a serious tone as I turn toward Colton. "It’s time for you guys to go."

Goodbyes are exchanged between Pace and Becca while I avoid meeting Colton’s dark eyes. I know if I do, I’ll lose my resolve completely. I’m still reeling from that kiss, my body overheated and blood pumping wildly.

He pins me with a heated stare, leaning close enough that I can smell his cologne. The effect is dizzying. "This isn't over. Have your fun with Becca and we'll talk when you get home."

I wish I could tell him he's wrong, that we are over, but I find myself unable to respond. He's giving me the space I need right now, but I have no idea what comes next.

Once they’re gone, I grab a bottle of water from the stocked minibar and take a long swig, needing to cool myself down before turning to Becca. She doesn’t say anything about the change in hotel room, but I see her eyes wandering around the space. "So what happened with Pace? I didn’t think you guys would be back so quickly. In fact, I wondered if I’d see you again this entire trip. I figured you’d take one look at those dimples and you’d steal him away into a private hotel room." I grin at her in an attempt to lighten the tense mood.


"Trust me, it was tempting. He’s gorgeous. And his tight little butt?" She fans herself dramatically. "Seriously, those two are a lethal combination on the libido."

"There’s a third one too. Their older brother Collins is every bit as lickable."

"Damn. Good genetics, I guess." She dumps the shopping bags out onto the sofa for me to inspect her goods. "After lunch, I actually started to worry about leaving you alone with Colt. I figured that wasn’t the smartest idea, so we cut our outing short. We just walked around this cute little piazza and I went into a couple of boutiques." She holds a tiny sundress up to my frame. "I thought this would look cute on you."

"It’s  pretty." Lavender and touches of blue thread run through the soft fabric. "I can wear it with my strappy silver sandals."

"Exactly what I was thinking." She plucks a red mini skirt from the pile of clothes for herself. "Come on, get changed. We’re going out."

Becca and I spent the rest of the day sightseeing and are currently seated at a quaint little bar, munching on olives and cheese and sipping delicious wine. I still can’t believe Colton and Pace had actually flown to Italy in search of me. And as I sit here, slightly buzzed, I’m replaying our brief intimate encounter in my head.

"I know how you could get rid of it," Becca says, thoughtfully swirling the wine in her glass.


"Your virginity. I mean, if you still want to, that is."

"How?" I ask, my mind spinning.

She tips her chin to a group of three cute Italian guys sitting together across the bar. "We could go pick up some hotties."

I briefly consider this. When in Rome…Why the hell not?

Because I still belong to Colton, that's why.

Even if I don’t want to, some strange part of me knows it’s true. He should be the one to take my virginity. When I think about his dark, hungry eyes that burn me up, his full mouth kissing my neck, and his thick, long cock, I know it has to be him. My chest flushes with heat and I’m transported right back to the moment earlier when I was right there – right on the edge –just a few more strokes of his fingers and I would have come apart. I always thought I needed a sex toy to get off, it turns out I just needed Colton.

"You’re thinking about him again." Becca smirks at me.

"I shouldn’t be."

"But you are."


The remainder of our trip is nearly perfect. Gorgeous summer weather, long afternoons spent wandering the beautiful and seductive city of Rome with my best friend by my side. But my nights are plagued with memories of Colton, though I suppose that’s unavoidable given the situation.

After the first day when he and his brother Pace showed up here unexpectedly, I’ve heard nothing more from him. I’m grateful that I opted not to upgrade my cell phone service to include international calling. I know I wouldn’t be strong enough to continue ignoring him if that were the case. As it is, every morning after breakfast, I have to force myself to walk past the hotel’s one computer in the business center to avoid connecting to my email. The thought that there could be a note from Colton waiting for me weighs heavily on my mind.

As much as I try to convince myself that things are done between us, some part deep inside of me knows that’s not true.

Chapter Four


Back in California, I throw myself into my work. It’s the only way to keep my thoughts from drifting to Sophie. I’m brutal in meetings, coarse in my communications and tense all the fucking time. My emotions are all over the damn place and my need for sex has only quadrupled since being near Sophie again. My feelings of longing are only intensified wandering my big, empty house alone at night.