Her eyes zero in on the bulge and she licks her lips.


Focus, Colton!

"Here, baby. Let's get you dressed." I grab the t-shirt and try to help her put it on.

She takes it from me and drops it to the floor. "No."


She shakes her head, her eyes still eating me up. "I want you…I want you to fuck me."

A fresh round of blood pumps south, making my dick throb. "No, not right now. Not tonight." She's not in the right frame of mind. I'd be taking advantage. I list out a thousand reasons in my head, fighting with myself as she watches me.

"Please?" she asks.

I shake my head. "No. Now please get dressed." Pace is due up here with her dinner any minute. I certainly don’t want him getting an eyeful. Her gorgeous rack is reserved for me and me alone.

She reaches down and clasps her hand around my cock, giving him a light squeeze. "Fuck me, Colton. Make me feel better," she begs.


I remove her hand. "No way. You're drunk. I'm not fucking you."

Bringing her hands up, she cups her breasts, lifting them together and rubs her fingers over her nipples. She releases a shuddery whisper soft sigh as though the sensation is the most pleasurable thing she's felt in a long time.

I stand there, transfixed, watching her touch her breasts. She's so beautiful I want to throw her down on the bathroom floor and fuck her six ways from Sunday. But I won't. I have a little more restraint than that. I would certainly be beating my dick later with very image in my head, once she was tucked into bed, but she doesn’t need to know that. She gives her nipples a little tug and rasps out a throaty groan. Then she drops her hands.

Thank God her little show is over. I couldn’t take much more.

But then she pulls down the panties I've dressed her in and begins rubbing her fingers over her tight bundle of nerves. Fuck. She's so incredibly sexy and desperate…

The panties drop from her knees and slide to the floor. My gaze follows their movement and I realize it's the same pair of pale blue panties she wore to the auction. I feel all my resolve fall away. I scrub my hands over my face. Fuck it. I shouldn’t, but we haven’t made love in two weeks and I'm desperate to feel her around me.

"Sophie, are you sure you want this?" My hands unconsciously move to my erection and I adjust him.

She follows my movements and nods. "Yes. I need it."

"Undo me." I look down at my lap and Sophie brings her hands to my button, sliding it free and pulling down the zipper slowly. Her hands work into the front of my pants, pushing inside my boxers and she takes my cock into her palm, gripping it tightly and stroking. A drop of fluid leaks from the tip and she smears it around with her thumb, causing my knees to go weak.

In that moment, I fully give in. If she wants a distraction, if she needs to forget all of the pain and misery of the past several weeks, then who am I to deny her that?

I grip her wrists, pulling her hands free from my pants. "Slow down, baby." It feels too good, and I want us both to enjoy this. I won't last if she keeps pumping my dick like that.

She draws her lower lip into her mouth and pouts before meeting my eyes. But what she sees when she looks at my eyes tells her everything she needs to know. I'm going to take care of her. I'm going to make her come so hard she'll forget her own damn name.

I lift her by her waist, setting her down on the bathroom counter. I step between her thighs, widening them and she tugs at my shirt in a fight to get closer. She's fully naked and I'm still fully clothed.

"Your shirt," she breathes.

"Yes, sweetness?"

"Take it off. I need to feel your skin."

I comply, unbuttoning the top few buttons, then yanking my shirt off over my head.

She tugs me close, until the tips of her breasts brush my bare chest and we both shudder at the contact and the rush of endorphins it releases. It's been too damn long.

I bend and take one of her gorgeous breasts in my mouth, my tongue laving her left nipple, then her right. Sophie arches her back and pushes her hands into my hair, letting me devour her. I want to take my time, make sure she's ready for me, but each time we're together feels like an explosion of sexual energy and I'm unable to control myself. Something I'm not used to.

I move back to kissing her mouth, my tongue greedy and sucking at hers. Her hands wander back into my pants, enthusiastically rubbing my cock. I know this is going to be quicker than I want it to be, but maybe that's what she needs.

With our mouths fused together and her hands in my pants, I find her wet center and push my index and middle finger inside. She gasps into my mouth, momentarily stilling before continuing the onslaught she's launched against making me come too soon. My other hand plays with her breasts and nipples, and Sophie whimpers while enthusiastically pumping me in her hands.

"Baby, easy…" I take her hands again, stopping her and feeling like a fucking jackass.

She grins up at me, clearly proud of herself. God, it's good to see her smile. If this is all it takes to make her feel whole okay, then sign me up.

"I can't wait any longer," I admit.

She shoves my pants and boxers the rest of the way down my hips, allowing me to angle my cock against her. When I shove forward, disappearing inside her perfect pink opening, we let out a collective groan.

"Yes, fuck me. Harder," she begs.

I oblige, pounding into her relentlessly, my frame dominating her much smaller one.