“Sex,” I say blankly.

Paces wanders over holding Max. They are both wrapped up in beach towels. “What’s so funny over there?” He tips his head in the direction of our women.

“Apparently pregnancy sex,” Colton comments.

Pace frowns and looks over at Kylie. “I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.”

“What do you mean?” I ask. Lord knows, I haven’t been able to keep my hands off Mia. Between her swollen breasts, round hips, and her increased sex drive, we’ve spent entire Saturdays in bed.

“Dude. I don’t want to poke my baby in the head,” he admits.

Colton and I share an amused look, and then break out in a fit of hearty laughter.

Colton removes a shrimp from the grill and blows on it until it’s cool, then offers it to Max. “Here you go, buddy.”

Max babbles something at Colton, then nibbles on his shrimp before toddling over to his mom.

With Max over by the women, Colton thumps Pace on the back of the head. “Don’t be a dumbass, bro. The baby’s far away inside the uterus.”

“He’s right,” I say. “There’s no way your teeny weeny is going to hurt the baby.”


Pace grunts in disgust. “Teeny my ass. Step inside that pool house boys, and I’ll show you what a real man looks like.”

“No thanks,” Colton says, rolling his eyes. “My point is that your woman has needs. Needs that you would be fulfilling if you weren’t such a pussy,” Colton finishes and turns back to the grill.

“Pregnancy hormones increase the libido,” Colton says.

“Indeed,” I confirm, nodding while Colton and I share a fist-bump. Apparently Mia and I aren’t the only ones humping like bunnies these days. Good to know.

“Lunch is almost ready, do you want to gather the women and children?” Colton asks.

Crossing the stone patio together, Pace picks up Max, while I offer to help Sophie to her feet. “Ready?” I ask her.

She nods and holds out her hands to me. “Thank you, Coll.”

“Anytime.” I wait while Mia rises to her feet and slips into her sundress. “Ready for lunch?” I ask, before pressing a kiss to her lips.

“Absolutely. It smells amazing.”

When we’re all seated at the outdoor dining table, that Colton has designed to accommodate multiple highchairs, we clink glasses, toasting to family, health and safe deliveries of all three babies.

“So will Dad be flying into town soon?” I ask, after swallowing a bite of steak. He’s been here several times in the past few months, meeting Kylie and his first grandson after she and Pace got engaged, and again for my wedding, and then Pace’s wedding, which happened a few weeks later.

“Yeah, he flies in on Tuesday,” Colton says.

Sophie places her hand on top of her belly. “Hopefully I can make it that long.”

We all smile politely at her, and Colton kisses the top of her head. She’s been convinced she was in labor three times now.

“You’ll be great,” Kylie encourages. “Just get the drugs,” she says with a wink.

I see Mia cutting her food into small bites.

“Are you getting enough to eat?” I ask, feeding her a bite from my plate.

“I’m getting plenty,” she smiles at me.

I kiss her hand and give our baby a gentle pat. My brothers are used to seeing me act all mushy by now, and they rarely complain. Shit, they’re in the exact same boat.

It’s crazy that what started as three brothers whose idea of relationships was a one night stand with no commitments and no expectations has grown into what will soon be a family of ten. It’s kind of astounding when you think about it. Life may not be a fairytale—there are bumps and detours along the way—but I know Mia is my happily ever after. She is my forever.

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