Still unsure, and chewing on her lower lip, her fingertips graze her nipples and she draws a shuddering breath.

“That’s it. It’s so fucking hot watching you.”

She circles her nipples and they harden into peaks. Her eyes drift closed and she releases a soft sigh from the pleasurable contact.

“Does that feel good, sweetheart?” I ask.

She blinks her eyes open and finds my eyes. “Yes,” she breathes.

“Good girl. Trail your right hand down your belly.”

With her eyes still on mine, she lowers her hand.

“Slow,” I tell her.

She swallows and slows her movements, letting her fingers graze her belly, then her hip bone as she moves it lower.

“Put your hand between your legs and tell me how wet you are.”

Her fingers dip lower, and she moans. “I’m soaked, Collins.”



I need to touch my cock, but I won’t do it until she asks again. Right now is about her—her pleasure. And something tells me if I’m not directing her movements, encouraging her, she’ll stop. I can’t have that.

“Push one finger inside for me,” I growl.

She does, sinking her finger in up to the knuckle, and lets out a moan as her eyes drift closed.

“Tell me how you feel,” I whisper.

She inhales sharply, her finger drawing in and out. “I…Oh, God, it feels good. It’s been so long.”

I’m unsure what to make of her comment—it’s been a long time since she’s had a lover, or since she’s touched herself? But I don’t care. Either way, I just want to see her come all over her fingers while I’m beside her.

“Show me,” I say.

Her eyes latch onto mine, confused.

“Show me how you make yourself come,” I say.

I can read the indecision in her eyes. I don’t want a sexy show; I want her to touch herself like she does when no one’s watching.

“I want to see you too.” She looks down my abs, to where my cock is straining against the shorts.

I nod, reaching for my waistband, then pause. Her eyes dart back up to mine. “Don’t come until I say,” I tell her. Then I pull my shorts down my hips until my cock is freely resting against my stomach. I take myself in my hand, stroking lightly. I growl out a curse. My cock is so hard and so sensitive it’s not going to take me long. “Now show me how you like it.”

She withdraws her fingers and parts her outer lips until that pleasure-seeking bundle of nerves is exposed, then she rubs herself in a circular motion. At the end of the bed, I see her toes curl.

Hell yeah.

Her breathing increases and grows ragged. I want it to be my fingers stroking her clit until she writhes and comes undone, but if it can’t be me, then watching her do it is the next best thing.

Mia’s chest is rising and falling fast, and her hips push upwards as her hand continues stroking. Her thighs fall open completely, treating me to a sight that makes my mouth water. Glistening pink flesh swollen with arousal. I want to sink inside her so bad, to memorize the way her hot cunt feels around me. But I won’t. Not yet.

She watches me pull my cock in long, easy strokes. “Are you imagining it’s my hand on you?” she asks, slightly breathless.

“Fuck yeah,” I say, pumping my fist over the crown and groaning. “But you’d be using two hands.” It’s obvious to us both, given my generous size, and her delicate hands. “And I’d make you go slow, so I could savor every bit of pleasure, the way your soft hands stroked my shaft while you were wishing it was your mouth.” Mia lets out a moan. “I’d want to take my time, not come right away,” I admit.

Mia’s fingers pick up speed as she circles the bud with a wet sound.

“I wish it was my tongue on your clit,” I say. “I could spend hours fucking you with my mouth.”

She lets out a desperate whimper, and I know she’s getting close. Her hips rock up with every stroke. I pump my cock harder.

“That’s it. Come for me sweetheart, give me everything.”

She cries out, and her fingers still as she comes. I can see the muscles in her pussy tremble and imagine how incredible it would feel to have her clench around my cock. I come with a hoarse moan, spilling myself onto my chest and abs.

After, we lay side by side, watching each other as my pulse pounds in my ears. I’m desperate to take her in my arms, but I know I can’t. She’s not mine, even if we did just share an incredibly intimate moment. I might not have laid a finger on her, yet I feel closer to her than anyone. I want to apologize, to explain that we shouldn’t have done that. But I’m not sorry. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

We lay, unmoving, facing each other for several minutes. Mia searches my eyes for clues about what I’m thinking. “Collins?” she asks, finally, her voice small.

I lean over her on the bed, petting her hair back away from her face. “I’m sorry if I got a little carried away.”

She hesitates, and I wonder what she could be thinking. But then her expression lightens. “This is better than the sleepovers we had when we were twelve.”

An unexpected laugh rumbles in my chest and I kiss her forehead. “That was way fucking better. Are you okay?”

She nods. “I’m great.”

“Good. I’m going to clean myself up quick.” I rise from the bed in search of something to clean myself off, but opt for a shower. I don’t know what to think about the fact that I haven’t been able to fuck my own girlfriend for weeks and I just came like a goddamn fire hose at my own hand with Mia beside me.