“Whatever.” Avery glanced over to where Cam stood with Jase and Jax. They were fanboying over Brock. “I thought Cam was going to have a heart attack when we started.”

“Yeah, I thought we were going to have to call nine-one-one.” Teresa snorted. “It was funny, because I’m pretty sure Jase thought it was like watching some kind of pervy fantasy come true. Two girls with boxing gloves.”

Calla laughed as she poured a shot. “Poor Cam. Gotta suck when one of those girls is your sister.”

“You know, I think that would be a great show to do at the club. The girls could be in bikinis. Or topless.” Katie took the shot and downed it in an impressive swallow. Smacking her lips and sighing happily, she placed the glass back on the bar. “I’m totally going to pitch that to Larry. He liiiiikes my ideas.” Katie shimmied her hips.

I arched my brow as I looked at the two girls. “What have you guys done?”

Avery giggled.

“Anyway guys, I’ve got to get back and make some mon-nay! Peace out—oh wait!” She spun to where Nick appeared behind the bar. A bushel of fresh limes was in his hands and his dark brows rose as he met Katie’s wide stare. “You!” she shouted, hopping forward, her breasts defying gravity and the halter top.

He set the limes on the bar. “Me?”

I grinned as Calla pushed back, curiosity settling into her features.

“Yes. You!” She pointed at him with blue nail polish that matched her top. “I have something to tell you.”

“Oh no,” murmured Calla while I barely refrained from hopping with excitement.


Katie wiggled her fingers like she was about to break into a jazz hand routine. “She’s coming tonight.”

Nick arched a brow. “I don’t know who the lucky lady is, but I sure hope so.”

I snorted.

Undeterred, Katie waved her hand. “It’s her. The one you’re going to fall for and fall hard. Oh, boy, you have so met your match. Totally.” Beaming at a now silent Nick, she spun toward us and laughed. “Toodles, my bitches.”

We watched Katie strut her way out of the bar in five-inch platform heels, then I turned to Nick, tapping him on his arm. “Oh, snap. She’s totally right about these things.”

Nick paled. “Shut up.”

“No. She was right when it came to Jax and me,” Calla confirmed. “She’s like the stripper love psychic or something.”

He looked horrified. “Both of you shut up.”

I giggled gleefully. “I cannot wait for this.”

Nick scowled.

The door to the bar swung open and all of us whirled toward it. A laugh burst out of me, a high-pitched cackle when I saw who it was. “Oh my God.”

Aimee with two e’s Grant walked in, frowning in our direction. Her golden-blond hair was styled in pretty waves and her uber-tanned midriff was on full display. The girl was hot, but she also had no concept of personal space, plus she’d been a total bitch to Calla, and I was so not okay with that. But the idea that Nick would fall for her? I about died. Laughing so hard, my stomach hurt as I smacked my hands down on the bar top. “Oh my God, it’s her!”

Calla folded her arms when Aimee started toward the guys and then grinned like the cat that ate an entire cage full of canaries when the girl veered off at the last minute. “That’s sick,” Calla said to Nick. “I don’t know if I can be friends with you now.”

Nick rolled his eyes. “I can tell you right now that Katie’s juju is broke as shit because no part of my body is getting near that.”

“Whatever,” I sung loudly. “It’s true love.”

The look he shot me was dark, but it didn’t wipe my grin off my face. Eventually Avery and Teresa joined the guys, and when we had a down moment behind the bar, Calla got all serious-face with me.

“Are you really okay?” she asked. “I mean, I know what you’ve gone through is crazy, and I’ve been through some crazy myself, so I know it can be hard.”

I nodded as I started to cut up a lime. “I am. Well, I think I am, if that makes any sense. There are a couple of moments where I’m still freaked out about it. I’m not going to lie. What Kip did, I just don’t want to really dwell on it, you know? He’s gone. And they found that girl’s body, and that’s what matters now. At least her family will have some kind of closure.”

“Yeah,” she replied, eyeing me closely. “And everything with Charlie?”

Cutting through another lime, I smiled. It was a little sad, but it was real. “I miss him. I miss not seeing him every Friday, but I’ll get through this and it’s getting easier.”

“I’m happy to hear that. By the way, I love the new glasses. Pink frames look great on you—what in the world?”

I looked up, following her gaze. A girl had just walked into the bar. I’d never seen her before, but good Lord, she was absolutely stunning. With shiny black hair and a body I’d probably give away an ovary or two for, she was tall and looked like she belonged on the cover of a fashion magazine.

The newcomer was headed toward the bar, but she stopped, her mouth dropping open as she spotted the crew over by the pool tables. I looked at them.

It was Teresa who saw her first, and she drew back, surprised and obviously recognizing the girl. Then she smiled as she glanced over at Cam and Avery—a tentative smile that grew. “Steph?” she called out. “What in the hell are you doing here?”

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