Spent from sex, Nick lay naked on the floor, panting beside Satara who was laughing as she stroked his chest. His entire body burned and he now heard voices in his head that echoed and screamed.

What have I done?

When Satara had come to him and told him about her connections to the Daimons and gods, he should have turned her away, but her offer to strike back at Ash had been too good to pass up. He knew that as a Dark-Hunter he'd never have the ability on his own to kill Ash. But with his life force tied to a god's...

He could do it.

And he felt that power now seeping through him. It hummed and sang with an unimagined beauty. He wasn't human. He wasn't Dark-Hunter.

He was...

Nick frowned as he saw his reflection in a silver globe that was on the bottom shelf of the Daimon's bookcase. Rolling toward it, he pulled it closer to him until he could see his eyes.

His breath caught sharply in his throat as he stared at his distorted face.

It couldn't be.

The door to the room opened to show him the demigod Daimon who'd allowed him to share his powers. No longer wearing sunglasses, he looked at Nick with the same swirling silver eyes that Ash had.

The same eyes that Nick now had, too.

"Who are you?" Nick breathed.

"I would be the one man on your list, after Acheron, who you want to kill, and you're now my minion, Nick. Welcome to my hell."

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