“I want you to rub your pussy until we get there.”

I put the car in gear and pull back onto the road. I glance over every few seconds, seeing her rub her pussy and hearing her sticky sounds of pleasure. The SUV smells like her cunt, and I wish it smelled like this all the time. I'm tempted to tell her to rub it all over the car, but we’re pulling into the garage and I don’t want to waste any time.

Once the garage door closes, I get out and Megan follows. Before she can open the door between the garage and the house, I scoop her up and carry her across the threshold.

“What are you doing?” she laughs, but I don’t answer. I just smile and keep walking.

I carry her down the long hall and straight to the master suite. I bypass the mattress that’s sitting on the floor, and go to the bathroom.

“I need a shower after that game, and I want you to help me break it in.”

I had some furniture delivered this afternoon. Basic essentials I knew I would need for my first night. The bulk of the furniture and all my boxes from storage will come tomorrow.

Walking over, I set Megan on the bathroom counter between the double sinks. “Yours is on the left,” I say, kissing her nose and moving to turn on the shower.

“I have a sink?”

“You have more than that.” I toss over my shoulder, letting her think what she wants to.

Once the eight shower heads are running hot, I turn and strip, and then do the same for Megan. I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me as I carry us both to the shower. My cock is hard and jutting up between us. I’m leaking cum, and it rubs between us, making me even harder.


I had the builders put in a high seat in the shower, big enough for me to sit on. As it turns out, it’s also the perfect height for me to sit Megan on while I wash her, and when I fuck her.

After I set Megan down, I hit the built-in shampoo dispenser the designers put in. I make her lean back as I lather her hair, massaging as I go. She moans with pleasure, and that’s when I move between her legs, pressing my cock to her opening.

“I’m going to fuck every inch of you. In every inch of this house. Starting right now.”

She reaches between us and grabs my cock, guiding me in while I continue to shampoo her hair. I fuck her slowly, unhurriedly, because we’ve got all night. I’ve already taken the edge off, but I know she needs to come after our playtime in the car.

“Reach down and rub your clit, baby. Use my dick to get off.”

She does as I ask, rubbing her clit while I fuck her. The only point of contact between us is my hands in her hair, and my cock in her pussy. She moans and grinds against me, taking her pleasure.

“That’s it, baby. Be as loud as you want. This is our home, and you can scream the fucking roof down.”

Megan moans louder, letting it echo off the shower walls. Fuck if her sounds don’t make me want to cum. I feel her pussy start to squeeze me, and her back arches away from the tile. She rubs hard and fast, and I watch as her orgasm hits her. She’s beautiful when she cums, and being able to just watch is fucking amazing. Seeing her lost in her pleasure triggers my own release, and I thrust against her, holding my cock inside as far as I can go, emptying all of my seed inside her.

When I catch my breath, I don’t pull out. I just pick her up and tilt her head towards the shower head to rinse her off. Afterwards, I move her back to the seat and soap us both up, still not breaking our connection. I want to be inside her as much as possible tonight. My goal is to not pull out one time. Just one continual fuck fest.

I kiss her sweet lips and lick water droplets off her nipples as we rinse off. It sparks off our need all over again, so when I step out of the shower, I just take her down to the tile floor. The cool marble chills our hot skin and creates a slick surface for me to fuck her on.

“You should really get a rug in here.”

“You pick it out, I’ll buy it,” I say, licking the water drops off her neck.

“I think a Star Wars-themed bathroom would be pretty badass.”

“Whatever you want, love.”



“You're not going,” he whispers in my ear before he nuzzles my neck, the morning light shining through the windows, giving it a little nip.

“Chris, my mom…” I try to reason with him, but my words cut off as he pulls himself from me. I instantly miss the warmth of his body.

The bedroom is bare, with only a king-size mattress on the floor. Chris paces the room like a caged lion wanting out. The tense lines of all his muscles show. Okay, maybe not a tiger, more like a bear.

“Come back to bed.” Sitting up, I let the sheet drop away, hoping it will entice him back into bed. I don't know how much longer I have until the movers show up, and I want to soak up every minute of alone time we can have together. These moments are rare, and I want every second I can get. A moment without having to worry about being caught, or what people will think. It’s just him and me in our safe bubble.

"Fuck!" he bellows, and then turns to look at me. His curse sounds angry, but his face doesn't show any trace of that. “I can't do this.”

A sudden panic hits me at his words, and I can feel the blood leave my face. Gripping the sheet, I pull it to cover myself.

“No, no, no, baby.” He's on me instantly, his big hands cupping my face. “I meant this hiding shit. I can't do it, and it’s driving me fucking crazy. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but the thought of you going anywhere with that kid drives me nuts. I don’t think I’d make it through the night without losing it.”

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